Women’s Wallets And Coin Purses


orange coin purse with bag keyringbrownish wine leather vintage frame coin purse

From small to large coin purses, they are just as popular as they were back in 3,300 BC. They were known as a purse or pouch made for carrying coins. Egyptian carvings show pouches worn around the waist. In Europe, they showed status and this was based on the quality embroidery on the bag. side view of brownish wine leather vintage frame coin purseToday you see these used for mobile phones in many different styles and fabric. These include embroidered fabric, hard cases, leather or imitation leather, embossed, plastic, knit and anything else current, as there are always constant additions.They can have a zipper closure, or the original metal vintage frame closure that snaps shut. This style can also have double metal snap closures with the two separate compartments. You can place your credit or other plastic cards also in them, when using a smaller bag. There are also styles for men that are simple and much smaller than women’s, where they can fit in their pockets.

black leather quilted double zipper walletWallets are an accessory that have been around for a long time. Long ago only the elderly women used to carry them while the rest had handbags. Women’s wallets are becoming slimmer, as they are buying smaller purses and handbags. Examples are the crossbody hands free styles, wallet sized wristlets, cell phone cases with attached slots for cards, and have a side for your coin change and bills.


inside black leather quilted double zipper walletTravel wallets are popular for the convenience of how thin they are, having multiple zippered slots. You can attach them to your belt, around your waist or across your chest. Most are made from plastic, or vinyl material for strength and water resistancy. Not only used for travel, they are great for everyday use while shopping, walking, riding a bike and for students who don’t want to carry anything larger.


bulky red leather wristlet walletwomens brown leather leopard print wallet

Bulging wallets remain popular for those who need everything besides credit or other plastic cards. These can include your change, bills, pictures, and also for carrying your receipts keeping them handy. Wallets haven’t changed much when it comes to fabric. pink patent leather clutch walletLeather remains the most popular and this includes imitation leather also. They can be smooth, textured or embossed, vinyl, patent like the pink one to the left, authentic or faux fur, animal prints as seen at the top right, cloth fabric, quilted, a mix of leather and cloth, embellished with rhinestones, beads and studs. They can also have printed images of anything on them. Multiple pockets are a favorite, with zippers, slots for cards and removable plastic picture holders, like this teddy bear wallet with the snap closure.

teddy bear snap closure walletYou can purchase the matching handbags where they are available, most places display them together. They can be converted into small clutches, and can have the detachable wrist strap. Smaller wallets are selling faster than larger styles. If we search hard enough, we can find one taylored to suit our needs. Owning a few helps with accommodating the handbag needed for the occasion.

beige envelope style leather wallet

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  1. Lynn


    I’ll admit that the size of my wallets have definitely shrunk as I’ve gotten older.. However I still like all the different styles. I had to laugh when it was mentioned that in ancient Egypt that they wore purses around their waists. So THAT’s where the original fanny pack came from…lol.

    I actually still see people wear fanny packs because they are convenient even if they aren’t stylish. I love coin purses but I find I just don’t carry a lot of cash or coin and do not have a use for them except for maybe to hold other little loose objects in my purse.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Lynn,

      As we get older we don’t bother with the things we used to before, when it comes to storing our receipts for example in our wallets. There are plenty of styles for us to choose from, so it can be time consuming to buy one.

      The waist pouches/fanny packs have been around for a long time. There are some really nice styles out there now for dressing up or down. Not many carry coins like before but I do. They come in handy once in a while.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  2. Lisa


    I’ve always had to have a matching wallet to my purse. Now that I’m getting older and wiser, I am no longer matching everything. Especially now that we have so many options available to us. This article has encouraged me to clean out my wallet, as I am part of the bulging wallet group! I enjoyed the article.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Lisa,

      I used to always match mine also, now anything goes for me. The options with all the choices out there, sometimes I wish there was only a handful to choose from. We can end up spending too much time checking them all out, not wanting to miss one.

      I’m glad my article encouraged you to clean your wallet, I’ll bet you throw out lots of things that were taking up space.

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoying my article!

  3. kayla


    I agree about wallets getting smaller. I try to keep my purse small so I don’t keep throwing unnecessary stuff in it that I will never use. So in turn I need my wallet to be small too. I love the coin purses they are a great option if your like me and don’t want my wallet to be weighed down or bulgy because of all the coins I do have.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Kayla, 

      Thanks for reading another one of my articles.

      We do tend to throw more than what is needed in our handbags ‘just in case’. They end up staying there and not used for a while. Smaller wallets are good for keeping our coins down to a few over having that bulge. 

      The original coin purses are the best and will always be in style!

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