Accessorize Your Handbags

You can accessorize your purse or handbag in many different ways, when it comes to having extra bling like decorative clip ons, eyeglass cases, purse scarves, cosmetic bags, toiletry bags, women’s wallets, jewelry roll ups, purse table hangers, handbag rain coats and more.

The best women’s wallets have always been leather styles.  Accessorizing has become more popular over the years as they accentuate any style you own. Whether all matching in sets or individual, you can choose what best suits your needs.  You don’t see handbag ‘rain coats’ often but they are available to protect your purse during a down pour, or from getting wet especially if there is a metal design on it. If it stays wet for too long it may begin to rust.

light green purse with scarfPurse scarves and clip ons can be added to any purse or handbag. These scarves are a smaller size than regular ones, and come in all types of fabric and designs. They are usually tied where the end of the strap and purse meet. Clip ons are just as they are named for, having a ‘clip’ to attach it anywhere you want. They can be a variety of shapes and sizes with different fabrics like fur, leather, soft or hard plastic, beaded, a spongy texture and more. Both the scarf and clip on can be removed anytime to dress down your purse depending on what your need is at the time.

Blue Scarf Purse and Bear ClipOver time, accessorizing has come into fashion to accentuate as we please, turning a plain purse or handbag into something a little different anytime we want to.

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  1. kayla


    A rain coat for purses? What a great idea. I have tons of purses and unfortunately they get ruined so quickly, since it goes where ever i go, but I never thought of rain damage. With so many purses having metal clasps, straps it would be really beneficial for me since it rains a lot in my home town. Would make a great gift too.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Kayla, 

      Thanks for reading another article. 

      The rain coat for purses I’ve seen in pictures but not in stores. I guess the store will order them if they become popular, or at least if they sell a couple and keep them in stock. It’s a thicker plastic with a slit at the top for the handle. You can also slip it over a crossbody purse. 

      If you do get your purse wet, just make sure to  wipe it down right away, especially the hardware. They can eventually rust if they get wet too often.

      For sure they would make a great gift idea!

  2. Elizabeth


    I love purses, and find they are a great statement to any outfit. Best is mixing and matching. I love the scarf idea on the purse and how detailed you were on the different types and how to add them for the best look. Now I need to buy a purse!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      My love for purses led me to create this website which I’m proud of. I know so much about them it’s easy to share detailed information. The scarf adds a nice touch, dressing up any handbag for different occasions. Whether it’s formal or wearing a pair of jeans.

  3. wildfind


    This reminds me of the watches from back in the day that had different designs to snap in. What a brilliant concept and where have I been that I haven’t heard of this? I love the concept. Now I can use the same purse daily but change the look to match my outfits. FABULOUS! No more forgetting to switch everything over. In fact I don’t have to switch it over at all just switch the scarf and viola out the door. You my dear are a time saver! Thank you so much for opening a whole new world.

    1. Patsy


      Thank you for your comment. I keep myself up to date when it comes to purses or handbags and I get to see what is in style. When I saw the scarves for them I was surprised, it’s an easy add on. I remember the those watches that had different colors to change the look, and it is the same concept.

      It sure is a time saver and you are welcome!

  4. Princila


    Hi Patsy,

    Great reminder of how we (women) like to accessorize. What I’ve noticed too often is that women tend to overdo it when it comes to accessorizing. I’ve also worn the wrong accessories occasionally–after being informed by a more knowledgeable friend.
    Sometimes I’m not sure what accessory would work well with my dressing. This is especially the case when I attend medical conferences and meetings. I hope you’ll help with a post that discusses the types of accessories to use for particular occasions, e.g., meetings (formal and informal), conferences, dates, interviews, or picnics.


    1. Patsy


      Hello and thank you for your comment! The accessorizing that I mention is adding a purse scarf or bling to your purse or handbag. It’s also different accessories that you may need like a jewelry roll up, or a wallet to match, a purse hanger to hang it on a table when you are out having dinner.

      It is excellent that you brought up the point that to accessorize can also be about what to wear that is appropriate for different occasions. Thank you for reminding me that this too is important.

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