Women’s Faux Fur Purses and Handbags


pink leather and faux fur bag

Faux fur purses and handbags may never go out of style, but if they do, it won’t be for long. This fabric is known as faux, fake, or fun fur and is an imitation of real fur. Faux fur fabric is made from acrylic and modacrylic, 100 percent polyester, acrylic blend or 100 percent acrylic. There may be other blends also. Above is a picture of a pink leather bucket bag with a faux fur trim.

Grey Faux fur handbag from Spain

This light grey faux fur and leather handbag above was taken in Spain by a friend of mine who lives there, Taetske. Designs include faux fur swirl designs, crinkle fabric, faux grizzly, mink, husky, rabbit, fox, and animal prints to name a few. They come in different shades ranging from white to grey, brown, black, and dyed colored versions. All of which are unique and beautiful. Below is a large black faux fur handbag with a zipper closure and long chain straps.

womens black faux fur leather purse with chain strap
Different Styles To Choose From

Faux fur purses and handbags can be used all year round and the choices are endless. Purses, handbags, crossbody, clutches, backpacks, waist pouches, duffel bags, carry ons, luggage, all of these look great made of this fabric. They can be plain or embellished with decorations, buckles, long or short straps, or whatever your personal taste is. You can have a bag trimmed with Faux fur or have the whole bag made of the fur. The blue one below is a mix of both blue faux fur and dyed blue leather. It has a leather and chain strap that hangs from your shoulder.

Royal blue leather and faux fur handbag

Care For Your Faux Fur

This type of fur can shed just as authentic fur, and you will want to keep it separate from your other garments when it comes time to clean them. Clean your bag individually by sprinkling cornmeal onto it, then working it into the fur with a brush to absorb the oil and dirt. Let it dry overnight then the following day, brush it again. Shake it to remove any excess cornmeal. It can be washed in your washing machine also if it’s all fur and not just the trim, but make sure it is set to the delicate cycle. Use cold water and mild detergent just like you would wash it by hand. The picture below is a faux fur purse with multi colored patches and a chain strap from Spain that Taetske took for me as well.

Faux fur purse with navy, red, orange, green and white colored patches from Spain

Do not throw your bag in your dryer after washing it, but roll the wet bag in a thick towel to absorb the left over moisture. Reshape it and let it air dry. Once it’s completely dry, gently brush it to smooth out the fur and then fluff it. You only need to wash your bag if it gets dirty and that shouldn’t be very often. They are a beautiful style to own and well worth the care. The pictures speak for themselves on how awesome this bag truly is. The small backpack style handbag below, I found in a shoe store. It is leather with black faux fur on the front and has the zipper pocket at the front also.

Black Leather Faux Fur purse backpack style

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  1. Dave


    Boy is it hard to shop for women stuff!

    I wanted to get my wife a handbag as a present and had heard her telling a fellow friend how she liked the fur bags, so I took upon myself to get her the bag.

    I am now seeing a lot of varieties and don’t know what to go for. I think I will take the pink one because she loves bright colors. How big is it?

    1. Patsy


      Hi Dave,

      It can be difficult to buy for your wife, and it’s good you heard what she like fur bags.

      At the bottom of this article, it tells you where to ‘click’ to start shopping and leads you to my Womens and Purses Handbags page where you scroll to the bottom and the first shopping banner is BAGINC. Click on it and under ‘Top Handles Bags’, right now it’s on page 3 further down. it may change pages as they add new ones. Click on the pink one, there are 8 colors. Open it and you will see the details for it. It’s an average 9″W x 7″H x 8″D. You don’t want that style any larger. There are models holding it so you can see what it looks like for size.

      Let me know what you think! thanks for stopping by.

  2. dalwhu


    This article really sparked my interest, I’m all for faux fur rather than the real thing, and these designs are very elegant and would make a perfect gift. I never knew you could clean faux fur with cornmeal or that it sheds just as real fur does!

    It seems there is no limits to the styles and designs you can have with this material.

    1. Patsy


      Faux fur has taken over authentic fur for a while now, although many still choose the real version. It’s attractive and not as expensive, so anyone can afford to own one. Cornmeal does work well, we are always learning new things. I am in the process of finding more styles to add here.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment!

  3. Jude


    What gorgeous Faux fur handbags. I don’t own one and your article has sparked my interest. It’s a great gift idea too. I have a few friends and relatives who would love these.

    With handbags, I prefer to handle the bag first and see the inside compartment. With some of my older bags, I am forever rummaging through them to find what I need, so a well organized interior has become a priority for me.

    Then I can buy the brand or a similar one online.

    I appreciate the helpful cleaning tips. Do you think it would help to cover the bag when not in use? If so, Is there a type of cover that you might recommend for that?

    I am going to browse through the rest of your collection now. Thanks for the useful info! ~Jude

    1. Patsy


      Hi Jude, thanks for your comment. I agree the Faux fur handbags are gorgeous, there are so many different colors and styles. I myself love an organized interior but if I find a purse or handbag I really like without one, I will use a makeup bag with zippers to substitute for what is missing.

      When you aren’t using the bag and want to cover it up, a ‘breathable’ non woven material like cotton-canvas fabric is best. You want to give it some air.

      Thank you for stopping by, I hope to see you back soon!

      1. Patsy


        Hi Jude, you are welcome.
        I am happy to have helped you out.

  4. Amy


    I love these faux fur bags! They are amazing…! I love the fact that there are so many styles and colors to choose from, and I never knew I could use cornmeal to clean them. That is pretty cool. These are so different from the normal bags we all carry — Can’t wait to place an order!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Amy, they are amazing and you can use them all year round. There is a lot to learn and you have come to the right place to do so. It’s surprising how many styles and colors are available, one would think they would most likely be brown or grey in color.

      Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you come back soon.

  5. Maxx


    Thanks for your review here, and I personally like Faux Fur Purses and Handbags.

    Good to know the method of washing it.

    Great review and thanks for letting me know this.

    My first time hearing about Faux fur.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Maxx you are welcome. I like Faux fur also, it’s unique and stylish and not difficult to wash.

      Thank you for finding my website and I hope you return soon.

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