Travel Bag Accessories

When it comes to travel by air, water, road including by bus, train, a mobile RV home, your vehicle or while away for school, staying organized with your necessities is important. Planning goes a long way for feeling safe and secure while being away from home whether for a short or longer period of time. Estimating how much is needed to take is the best way to go by starting to make a list a week or two before leaving. Sometimes it’s the smaller things we overlook, then realize later how important they are.

Packing these items for easy access helps to save time. Throwing them in one large bag can take longer to search and even cause damage to something like a delicate cord for your mobile gadgets. Keeping these items separated avoids the cords from getting tangled or bent, camera or cell phone screens scratched or breaking something important. I found five great items that will take care of most items, starting with a set of seven packing envelopes, a cord cube, toiletry kit, pill organizer and a waist pouch. Similar items can be found at many stores in different varieties, depending on what the stores decide do to carry.

Set of seven travel packing envelopes

These envelopes have zipper closures, are water resistant and easy to clean. They keep your travel essentials organized and are security friendly with easy to view mesh when you go through the security procedure. They can be used for toiletries, cosmetics, small tools, hobby supplies, documents, pictures and anything else you need to bring.

Travel Cord Holder Cube

The travel cord holder cube has five mesh pockets with elastic binding. It’s handy for any shaped items like cords, a cell phone, tablet, camera, ear buds, chargers, computer mouse, game pieces, tools and even snacks. It comes in different colors and sizes for your convenience.

Travel Toiletry Kit

The toiletry kit is made of strong, quality nylon and comes in many colors and three different sizes. It has nylon lining and it’s easy to see smaller items. There is a hanger hook for leaving it behind the bathroom door or in a closet and has a removable framed mirror. It’s great for travel size grooming supplies, razors, shaving cream, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, a comb or brush, medication and vitamins among many other items.

Day and Night Travel Pill Organizer

The day/night pill organizer is made of polyester which is another strong, durable and water resistant material. It includes a medical reference card and large zippered pocket. It organizes your pills or vitamins at home, work, school or travel. It’s color coded with one side being for day and the other for night. There are 16 individually labeled pouches with side-lock closures.

Gray waist stash travel bag

The waist stash bag comes in different colors other that this grey one. It’s made of nylon and polyester with two zippered compartments to keep your valuables safe around your waist with the adjustable strap. Keep your credit cards, passport, cash and jewelry close. It has RFID blocking technology keeping everything safe from wireless identity theft and hackers.

Inside a grey waist stash travel bag

I hope you found this article helpful for any travel needs you have along with using them at work or school. I have an article eBags Luggage Packing Cubes that has a quick video for fast and easy packing.

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  1. Vesna


    Wow! Great tips and really good review. It’s true that every trip needs some planning. I also agree with you that some of our personal items should be kept separately, in order to avoid damage. What I especially liked is the idea of having one day/night pill organizer. My husband always has his mini “pharmacy shop” with him on all of our trips. We usually keep these vitamins, pills, creams, etc. in travel bag pockets. I find this organizer much better idea!:)

    1. Patsy


      Hi Vesna, you are welcome.

      Thank you, I’m big on planning especially for trips and being organized helps.

      The pill organizer is brilliant and you can use it at home as well. I’m sure your husband would like it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Owain


    Great advice and tips Patsy. This is definitely something that I need.
    I’m a pretty organized person but when it comes to packing for a holiday or trip I haven’t seen anything like this. I keep certain things in different pockets of my suitcase, but they just roll about. So having those bags is a great idea.
    Those cases also look great so I’ll have to get a few of the different ones.
    Thanks again,

    1. Patsy


      Hi Owain, you are welcome.

      Most had the experience where the items fell out of their luggage pockets.

      The selection I chose for this article are just a few of many to choose from. I’m glad you like my advice and tips, the next time you go away, you’ll be more prepared.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Igor


    Hi Patsy!
    Another very useful and practical advice on your post. You are doing a great job. I remember when I traveled, I needed also a bag and a toiletry handbag. Your post will definitely help to take a decision about what kind of bag to get.
    Keep up the good work.
    Best regards!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Igor, thank you!

      I’m glad you found another article of mine, and this one sure is useful and practical for everyone. It’s helpful having these to keep everything organized along with deciding which one to purchase.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment!

  4. Kat


    Hi Patsy, thanks for sharing. I love packs that have compartments that help with being organised. They’re so cute, versatile and fun to pack. We have family holidays and get always a few times a year and with 5 of us, it helps to have handy travel packs to help keep everything together and organised!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Kat, you are welcome!

      I’m one for being really organized as well, I like to be able to find things easily.

      It’s nice that you have several holidays with your family and for sure travel packs are handy for everyone.

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing!

  5. BrandonW4


    This is some neat stuff you got here!!
    I can definitely see how these would be of help staying organized during travel.
    My favorite is the travel cord holder cube, but all would come in handy.
    Thank you for the information.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Brandon, you are welcome.

      They are all really helpful for travel, keeping everything in place. They can be used for your vehicle or at home as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!

  6. Jessica Gruenberg


    Thank you for the post, there is a lot of information. I like the bag that separates your daily medicine and vitamins. My husband had a heart attack last year and now depends on several pills. Instead of bringing many bottles, he could use that case!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Jessica, you are welcome.

      Sorry to hear about your husband’s heart attack. The pill holder is a great travel companion and can be used at home as well. It’s nice that it would be useful for his medication.

      I’m glad you found my article and thanks for sharing with your comment.

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