The Four Seasons of Handbag Changes


Black and Burgundy purse with striped strap

Black leather Pink Roses handbagWinter, Spring, Summer and Fall, your choice for a purse or handbag may change. It is up to the individual whether to choose trading their handbag style and color seasonally, or use the same one year round. Accessorizing it doesn’t change for example, having a clip on or a purse scarf to give it a bit of decor versus leaving it plain. It is nice to have a different style once in a while. Also, what to carry in your purse like gloves for example in the Winter and extra sunscreen in the Summer won’t be the same unless you are going on a trip.

Not everyone experiences the four seasons, some places have summer all year. You would not want to use a straw or knit purse during the cold Winter months but more of a solid fabric like leather or vinyl. A Summer style can be any fabric and are usually lighter in color.

Multi flap pink and blue colors purse

Navy and light blue purse with flowers and bird

Protecting your purse from the elements like rain or snow is necessary to keep it lasting longer. Getting them wet especially if you have metal decorations or buckles can rust over time. Using an all weather protection spray like Tana All Protector or a conditioner you would purchase for foot wear, would benefit your handbags. It prevents rust and stains and keeping them in shape, lasting longer. The spray creates an invisible shield that allows material to breath as it repels the elements. It prevents dirt from setting in to make it easier to clean, where conditioners help keep leather for example, soft and looking new.

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Be sure to read the directions for spraying distance and fabric to avoid using this on. This includes to not spray patent, reptile, metallic leather or vinyl. You can clean these with non chemical wipes, drying them right after, a damp cloth or paper towel. Taking care of our purses and handbags helps to keep them looking nice and lasting longer.Beige Fur purse with flower clip on

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  1. Paul


    Hi Patsy,
    Thank you for the tips on keeping hand bags in good shape. I’ll have to come back so i can check out the men’s hand bags when I’m ready to buy.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Paul, you are welcome.

      I have those tips on a couple of other articles as well, we need to take care of our investments.
      It will be great to see you back again. The market for you guys are just as big as it is for us women. So many selections to choose from.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your commment!

  2. Agnes Nowak


    Hi there
    I like your idea behind this post. An easy going read 🙂 Just like anything we buy, purses also need tender loving care if we want it to last. I have many purses and most are leather, so I know that they need good care so they can always keep looking like new. My friends always complain that theirs looks dull after a while and they go buy another one. So unnecessary, I tell them that if only they looked after their purses like they do about other items this wouldn’t happen. Thanks for this post I enjoyed it.


    1. Patsy


      Hi Agnes,

      Sometimes we don’t think to take care of our investments, and that is what our handbags are. It’s best to take care of them so they look nice, but for others they don’t mind using them as they wear out.

      I’m happy you enjoyed reading this. Stop by any time, there are a lot more articles with helpful information also.

  3. Amy


    Love the idea of accessorizing my purse! What a great idea! It is a lot of fun to change pocketbooks with the seasons and for me it always freshens up my wardrobe, especially at the end of a season when I am looking for a fresh look! The Tana All Protector is something I need to try. Thanks!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Amy, that’s something I really like doing is changing my purse or handbag. I agree with how it ‘freshens’ up our wardrobes, matching and changing it up with accessories adds a lot to them.

      The Tana All Protector is the best quality, it doesn’t darken or dry out the fabric but protects it. It’s worth trying for sure, I’m happy you discovered it here!

  4. Shanna


    Thanks for the advice about how to protect your purse form the elements. I have a lot of trouble with purses cracking and with rust. I never thought it might have something to do with my climate, but now I think of it, that would make sense. Interesting article overall.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Shanna, you are welcome. 

      I have a large purse and handbag collection, and always take care of them. The humidity alone can damage the fabric and rust any buckles. The cold weather can crack leather or vinyl and make the bag look worn out and old. This is why we have to change our bags year round to accommodate the weather.

      Thank you for visiting and for the comment, hope you come by again soon!

  5. S.J


    Hi Patsy,

    Really like your article. The four seasons of Handbag changes. I usually use the same bag all year round. Now considering to change my old bag and getting the new one according to season, weather or occasions.

    Thanks for sharing the link where I can get the bag easily as it delivers internationally.

    1. Patsy


      Hello, and thank you for the comment. At one time I would use the same handbag all year round until it wore out before buying a new one. I realized I should have a couple and that they would last longer by changing them with others.

      You are welcome, it’s nice to be able to read about handbags and then have the option to purchase one. The items are updated regularly so stop by any time!

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