Tana All Protector Review: Keep Your Handbags Protected


  • PRICE: $11.00 – 14.00
  • Tana All ProtectorCHEAPEST: WALMART
  • SIZE: 224G
  • MY RATING: 9 OUT OF 10
Tana All Protector Product Overview

When it comes to my time, effort and investment in handbags, I want to make sure I take care of them. There are times where I cannot find a decent purse or handbag with the way styles change so quickly, it is another reason to keep them looking good as long as possible. Protecting them from the outdoor elements is necessary to keep them lasting longer.

Rain, snow, heat or the cold (may cause dryness cracking the leather etc) can damage any fabric over time. Getting them wet with rain or snow can eventually cause buckles, latches, clasps or embellished decorations to discolor or rust.

All Weather Sprays and Conditioners

There are special sprays and conditioners on the market to help purses and handbags stay in shape and lasting longer. Tana All Protector is an all weather water repellent product that really does as advertised. It is not just for footwear, which are made up of the same fabrics as handbags. It creates an invisible shield that allows the material to breath as it repels the elements. It prevents dirt from setting in to make it easier to clean. Conditioners help keep leather for example, soft and looking new.

Care and Instructions

Be sure to read the directions on the can by making sure the fabric is dry first. It is suggested to spray 20cm away, not to saturate and allowing it to dry then repeating it again. I apply it in a sweeping motion as I find it works well causing the application to go on evenly. Use it in a well ventilated place where there is a door, open window, or do it outdoors. It’s best to clean your handbags and spray them monthly during the winter and less during the other months. Use your judgement.

There are certain fabrics that you should avoid using Tana All Protector on. This includes to not spray patent, reptile, metallic leather or vinyl. You can clean these with non chemical wipes, drying them right after, a damp cloth or paper towel. I have used all of these and they work well. Remove any clip ons or decorative pins before you spray. Always shake the can well throughout while applying. There is a code on the bottom of the can without an expiry date. This indicates that there are no active ingredients that diminish or alter over time. If it has been sitting for a lengthy time shake it well.

I have been using Tana All Protector for over 30 years and won’t use anything else. I rated it 9 out of 10 because you can’t use it on all fabric. I make sure to have a can in stock all year round.

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  1. jessica


    I never knew there was such a product for purses. Im not a big purse person, but know a few people who are. I live right near a Walmart, and may get one to gift as a Christmas gift. Your review is great in detail, and I will pass it along. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Jessica,

      Tana All Protector was originally made for footwear, and since purses and handbags are made of the same materials, this product can be used for them also. It works great as long as you follow the instructions properly.

      Giving one for a gift is a great idea! especially for those that are hard to buy for. 

      Thanks for passing my review information along, it’s the best product for this type out there. I had tried other ones years ago but always went back to this one!

  2. grace


    Thank you very much for introducing Tana All Protector to me. I have a few handbags that could definitelly use this product on, to keep them in a good condition for a longer time. It sounds to me that Tana All Protector is the answer I was looking for. Thank you for the detailed review of this product, which definitely helped me to make up my mind as far as choosing the right product to protect my favorite handbags.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Grace, thank you for commenting. I have been using Tana All Protector for so long it has never failed me. If you follow the directions properly your purses and handbags will look like new.

      I’m happy I was able to provide the answer you were looking for, it’s not easy finding quality products to take care of our investments.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Andrew


    I have read your article and the Tana all protector looks like the perfect spray for wallets as well. Almost anything made of leather or suede including shoes.This looks like the perfect present for Christmas, and I might know a few ladies who might look into this. I see this is in the American market I was wondering if it is sold in England

    1. Patsy


      Hello Andrew, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Yes it can be used for anything with the specific fabrics mentioned. It is a Canadian family owned company. I just looked it up to see if it was available in England and it is in Frimley. I have the address here for you:

      S.C.Johnson Wax Ltd, Frimley Green Rd, Camberley GU16 7AJ, United Kingdom

      I appreciate you stopping by, please drop by again.

      I have an update Andrew. I contacted S.C.Johnson about the Tana All Protector spray, and I received a reply stating the following and I will quote it:

      “While we do offer a variety of shoe care products in the US and Canada, TANA® shoe care products are exclusive to Canada.”

      Thank you for your interest.

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