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My website is catered to all ages and I wrote the following article, which is the second one, for those who like adventure. Special Agent Patroula is gifted using her unique handbags and accessories. My first creative article where I first introduced her is called Special Bags And Accessories where she ends up doing unexpected double duty.

In this second episode, Patroula uses one of her special studded bags which is suited for the ordeal she is about to encounter. She needed a smaller bag over a larger one and is using the black one with a flap-over closure crossbody which is perfect. I have left other studded handbags that she uses, along with the silver teddy bear with the faux fur ball keyring.

Black leather studded crossbody bagIt was a quiet Sunday afternoon as Patroula left her staff to run the Spa Salon, while she took some much-needed time off. She is always grateful to have responsible and dedicated employees she can trust, especially with having her Special Agent work as part of her unique life. She would have to take off suddenly many times taking care of whatever comes up.

Silver Bear and faux fur ball key ringThe television was on while she chopped up vegetables in the kitchen. Then, a few words she picked up from the news caught her attention. She walked over to get the controls and turned up the volume, only to hear the last part of the announcement. Sitting down, she surfed the channels to see if there was more information. Not finding anything fast enough for her, Patroula went to her bedroom to change, turning on the radio and listening attentively. She called the girls at the Spa Salon to let them know she was on the road and to contact her if they needed anything, then got into her red sports car and drove toward the Village.

The Village was about a half hour drive from her home where there were beautiful quaint shops. Her focus was on the most popular cafe called the Tasty Treats Cafe. Suddenly Patroula turned up the car radio volume and there it was, how he escaped from a prison that was 4 hours away, and was unarmed but still dangerous. It stated how it was not predicted how he would react to being free after 26 years, and was last seen around the Cafe! still, within that area as she heard previously on the radio at home. It was thought that he may steal a vehicle and no name was mentioned.

Burgundy studded shoulder bag

Patroula tapped her long red fingernails on the black studded handbag beside her. She was going over its contents and what she may need. As a Special Agent, she was aware of her surroundings, and prepared for anything. Having had extensive training for everything imaginable, she could physically take down anything that came her way.

She has a large selection of purses and handbags, and her studded collection was one of her favorites. Each stud holds powerful ammunition. Several studded clusters would have one type, while others held individual mini weapons the size of a pea. Startled by a large commotion, Patroula turned around to see a man who fit the description of the prisoner. The prisoner was running through knocking over the Cafe table and chairs.Silver studded clutch with chain strap

Her right hand pinky finger began to twitch, a sign of danger for her just as it did in the last case she resolved. Along with having threads to stop vehicles in their tracks shooting out from her handbag buckles, Patroula has handbag keyrings that do the same but for people. As she removed the keyring from her bag, she yelled out causing his head to turn so she could see his face and how he was reacting. She needed to be prepared in the event he was full of anger. It slowed him down giving her time to pull up her studded purse activating three studs, shooting out balls that work like a stun-gun.

He further slowed down enough for her to whip out the threads from her silver teddy bear keyring, wrapping around his legs. He suddenly came to a complete stop and she took his arms behind his back and locked them with her double chain bracelets that act as handcuffs. He was now immobile and unable to move.

Red Calfskin leather studded bag

Previously while in her car, Patroula placed her Bluetooth mini phone around her ear. She called the Police and waited while they arrived. For some reason this prisoner was quiet and did not try to break free. The studs weren’t strong enough to do harm, but make him slow down for a short period of time. He actually cooperated.

Once the Police placed him in their car, Patroula took a deep breath and thought how simple it was to capture someone who sounded like a dangerous criminal. It was much quicker than her other ordeal with the car chase and grocery store incident. She threw her Bluetooth phone, chain bracelet and teddy bear keyring inside her bag and walked to her car. Once at home, she would clean up, refill what was needed and put away her special equipment for another time.

Black leather studded shoulder bag

Patroula slipped into her sports car and headed home to change and relax. She first stopped at the Spa Salon to check in, then pick up where she left off. Chopping the vegetables that were on the counter for her meal and calling it a day.

I hope you enjoyed this episode, and will check out the first one in the link I had left. I only write these once in a while and look forward to sharing my next one!

I created Patroula who is actually me, my birth name is Patra. When I was very young this is what I was called growing up and I was always strong, creative and adventurous. It’s fun writing for her allowing me to use my creativity.

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Unless otherwise stated, the bags for this article I chose from various merchants for the specific style I needed to write this article.

Acknowledgement: This article is not to be copied or altered in any way, I have the original rough copy.


  1. Michelle


    Hello there Mizz Patroula
    I thoroughly enjoyed your fun article and loved the ‘chase’. This was a great way to introduce your bags – LOVE IT!
    I will be stopping by more often for a laugh and some bag tips and ideas. Keep up the good job!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Michelle,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this episode, and how it’s a different way to promote bags. This is her second adventure, I introduced Patroula a while back with my first article Special Bags and Accessories you may like this one as well.

      I post a new episode every couple of months for Patroula, who is me by the way as a character I created. I was called Patroula when I was little as a ‘babyish’ name for Patra, my birth name. I love writing for her it’s fun!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!

  2. Sandra


    What a creative and fun idea to write stories around purses with your character Patroula! I love the silver teddy bear keychain!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Sandra,

      It’s fun to write for Patroula and promote the bags with her. She makes use of my creative side and I’m glad you liked it.

      The silver teddy bear key chain is adorable and one of my favorites.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you back soon!

  3. stefanie taylor


    Hi Patsy, as a return visitor I’m really beginning to love your character Patroula, and the fact that you have based her upon yourself makes her even more interesting. I think that Patroula is bit of a female 007 so it’s great for girl power! Ha ha.

    I like the edgy and studded handbag collection you have for us this time, there is a great collection for both day and evening and you have worked them so well around your story. The silver clutch bag is gorgeous and the exact type of thing that I would use on a night out. I guess we both have great taste huh?

    Also, love the red one with the different coloured jewels as it looks pretty unique and not the type of thing you see every day.

    Brilliant post Patsy and I hope you carry on treating us to Patroula’s wild adventures. Can’t wait for the next installment.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Stefanie, welcome back!

      Thank you for returning, I love Patroula as well she is fun to write for.

      It does look like we have similar tastes with this style and it wasn’t easy choosing which bags to use for my article. You will find a new episode every couple of months!

  4. Melinda


    These are gorgeous studded bags. Where can I purchase them? What a fun story about Patroula and quite a unique way to promote bags!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Melinda, thank you!

      There were so many studded handbag styles it wasn’t easy to choose.

      I state at the end of my article where you can shop, I have different merchants that sell them. These are a mix from each one and there are more shopping options on my sidebar to the right.

      I like writing for Patroula she is a change for promoting bags. I will write featuring her every couple of months.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back again soon!

  5. Amy


    Well it certainly seems like Patroula is carrying the right kind of studded bags for her Special Agent activities. Those studs would stop anyone in their tracks! Aside from that, the bags are beautiful and I love the designs. They seem to be able to hold a lot of stuff, between the key ring, blue tooth and other stuff. Perfect for an evening out!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Amy,

      Yes Patroula is always ready for her next adventure as a Special Agent. She is specific for which bags she chooses depending on the situation. This time she didn’t know what to expect or how the prisoner will react.

      I chose all these handbags for how unique they are with the different styles and sizes. Day to night, there are lots of choices and I only have very few here out of what is available.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment for this adventure as well!

  6. Irma


    I love the adventures of Patroula! And I hope that you will continue to write them for us. I am eager to find out what life has in store for our heroine next!
    As well, I love the studded bags, especially the black one. Patroula always knows just what makes great fashion!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Irma,

      I’m happy you love Patroula, she changes things up for my website.

      I will write every couple of months about her adventures, it’s fun promoting handbags this way!

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