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This article is my third in a series of creative writing for Special Agent Patroula. My website caters to all ages, especially those who like an adventure. She uses her special bags and accessories to aid her in the work she secretly does besides owning her own Spa Salon. In this episode, I feature several colored bags that have a scarf accessory wrapped around the handles, giving any bag a new look.

Patroula wrapped a purse scarf around the handles of her leopard bag, it was a special handbag scarf that has a pink stripe across the front. She has several leopard styles that are geared to help in the line of her work. That scarf has a function that may come in handy, she has a feeling it may be needed today. One she finished adding the scarf, it was time to head out to the Spa Salon and got into her red sports car and left.Pink Leather Purse with scarf handles

While Patroula was busy with her clients at the salon, one of them gave her a business card. As she pushed it into her pocket, the sound of car brakes screeching on the pavement had her turn that way quickly. There were screams from people who watched as a man hit by a black Hummer fell to the ground. He was almost on the sidewalk when it happened. As Patroula ran out, she saw the window of the Hummer go down revealing the driver as he quickly checked for cars before turning the corner. It looked like he was in a rush but Patroula managed to get his plate number and noticed he was handsome and wore a suit with a tie.

Looking beyond, she noticed the slow moving traffic that would stall him then called the Police and ambulance. She saw how two pedestrians were helping the man who got hit, and he was talking which gave her relief then she got into her car. As Patroula started to drive she noticed the traffic began to move faster and started to follow the Hummer closely, and called the Salon to let the girls know she would be back later. She told them the Police and ambulance were on the way so they would know it was taken care of.

Not long after as the Hummer continued at a steady pace, it pulled into a Convention Centre where fancy business luncheon meetings were held. Patroula saw where he parked, and which door he entered then she went home to change into her pink halter dress and thought of how she added the scarf to the leopard bag. Her hunch was right, it would be perfect.Yellow Leather Purse with Scarf handles

She returned to the building and parked close to the black Hummer. As Patroula stepped out of her car, she walked by the Hummer and noticed a small black puppy inside sleeping. The window had been rolled down enough and the weather was cool and safe enough for the pup. She pressed the front button closure of her bag to whip out the threads around the wheels so it couldn’t go anywhere. As she continued to the building there was list of events, and only one business luncheon at that time. It was open to anyone who owned a business, and she had her Spa Salon.

Standing at the back of the room, she scanned the guests at each table and spotted him. She took out her clip-on Bluetooth mini phone and attached the tiny device to her ear, ready to listen in on any conversations he had, and to make a call to the Police. A thought occurred to Patroula, that this man may not have realized he hit anyone seeing how he was in a rush, and mentioned that to the Police.

Black Leather purse with scarf handles

The conversations he had were simple business ones, then he turned his head and saw her. He excused himself and went over to Patroula, asking her if she was in need of any help. All she could think of was how the Police were on their way, that her right hand pinky finger didn’t twitch which it would have if there was any danger. He introduced himself, and to avoid having to tell her name or even make one up, she told him this conference may be of interest for her business and was just checking it out. She was twirling the end of her purse scarf in her finger tips as they spoke, and was ready to pull it if needed.

Suddenly, the Police arrived an approached Patroula and the man. She had described what she was wearing and where she was so they came to her. She nodded to let them know it was ‘him’, and they took him out to the Police cruiser. Having no idea what was going on, and how quietly it was all done, only a couple of business members saw them walk out. They seemed to not think much of it since there wasn’t any reason to show otherwise.

Patroula was to meet up with the Police later since they didn’t want to reveal on how she was helping them. The Police were aware of the Hummer and as they left, she removed the threads from the tires placed earlier through her bag button closure then stopped. She remembered the cute black puppy, pulled out her coin wallet and used the zipper pull which unlocks vehicle doors. It has a mechanism that does this when pulled, and it also locks them on demand.White Leather Purse with scarf handles

She carefully picked up the sleepy puppy and placed it in her car. Her trunk had a blanket which she took and placed in on the floor to lay the puppy on. The Police would be notified about the pup and it will be dealt with later when they contact her. As Patroula threw her leopard bag on the passenger seat, she thought of how the special handbag scarf wasn’t needed after all, although it did look great around the handles. Perhaps next time, at least it was still loaded. Not knowing how long she would have the puppy, Patroula didn’t want to take it to the dog shelter yet, so she picked up a few supplies for it and headed home.

She called the Police station for any updates on the hurt man to find he was lucky and without injuries, just bruises and needed rest. As for the man who hit him, he was shocked. Being in a rush, he didn’t realize he hit anyone and would be charged appropriately. She would meet up with them at the station tomorrow for her report and then she would tell them about the pup, to be given to it’s owner. Patroula called the Spa Salon, gave them an update and called it a day thinking how this turned out to be less complicated than first thought. She got ready to relax, then play with a cute puppy!

Model with leather leopard print purse and black puppy

I hope you enjoyed this episode, and will check out the first one Special Bags and Accessories and the second Special Studded Bags. I only write these once in a while and look forward to sharing my next one!

Patroula is actually me, my birth name is Patra. When I was very young this is what I was called growing up and I was always strong, creative and adventurous. It’s fun writing for her allowing me to use my creativity.

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Unless otherwise stated, the bags for this article I chose from various merchants for the specific style I needed to write this article.

Acknowledgement: This article is not to be copied or altered in any way, I have the original rough copy.


  1. Luna Joy


    LOL! Such imagination, I love it! What a great character she is, Patroula! And very sexy with her handbag. I love the purse scarf, ‘ready to pull it anytime, if needed’, yay. Those bags are not only gorgeous, they have special powers!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Luna,

      Thank you, I love writing for Patroula and being able to share my creative side. It’s a bonus for her to have special powers in those bags for her line of work! She leads a double life.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

  2. Laura


    Patsy, I love this story. You are very good at writing. It fits very well with the bags you have displayed. And I do love these bags. The scarves really add to the purse and for Patroula they came in very handy.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Patsy


      Hi Laura, you are welcome.

      Thanks for reading another one of my articles. Patroula shows my creative side and her previous adventures are fun reads as well. I write the stories around the bags I choose to feature and I like the purse scarves also. They can be added to change the look of any purse with handles.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!

  3. Genecia Sathiaseelan


    Oh wow beautiful bags like every girl I know I am a lover of bags and everything pretty. It is my first time reading something like this and wow you really got me captivated. I loved it thank you for your story.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Genecia, you are welcome.

      I love beautiful bags as well, and these are awesome with the scarf covered handles and bright colors.

      I’m glad you loved my story. It’s nice to be able to change things up with how to promote bags.

      Thanks for sharing and leaving a comment.

  4. Mary


    Hi Patsy,
    I really enjoyed this episode of Patroulas adventure. She sounds like a real style vista ready to save the day. I kept thinking she was going to put the puppy in the stylish handbag and run away with it! But she sounds like a concerned and considerate citizen of the public, yet always with the appropriate bag for the occasion.
    I look forward to the next adventure. Thanks for entertaining me in style. BTW Really Loved the handbags as much as the adventure. Mary

    1. Patsy


      Hi Mary,

      Patroula is clever and always ends up saving the day. She will take care of the puppy until it’s all sorted out.

      I’m glad you like it, it’s always an adventure with her and the bags are nice. There were so many colors to choose from it wasn’t easy picking for this article.

      I look forward to writing her next adventure, thanks for leaving a comment.

  5. Huy


    Ah, I just love this, storytelling is always so fun. I love the creativity and style used for this article. I always enjoy reading a fun adventure. This is a fun and very creative way to promote handbags, look forward to reading more of your articles!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Huy,

      I agree, it is fun and thanks for your compliment about the creativity and style. I love writing for her.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

  6. Fleur Allen


    Patsy, I love an adventure and I love Patroula (you) and her clever and stylish use of the scarf on her handbag. It is always a delight to hear an adventure with an adventurous woman at the centre of the plot – very refreshing!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Fleur,

      It’s great you love an adventure and Patroula as well. Promoting the bags this way is fun, and I love writing for her.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment, I appreciate it!

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