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My website is catered to all ages and I wrote the following article for those who like to read about adventure. It’s a creative writing story about a Special Agent by the name of Patroula. She is gifted when it comes to the use of her special bags and accessories. The purses and clip-ons pictured here I chose for what she uses for her line of work, and in this story is one of her leopard handbags.

Green Patent leather Crossbody SatchelIt was just another typical day for Patroula, as she slipped into her red sports car. She made sure her crossbody leopard handbag was well-equipped for the day and evening covering herself in the event she had to work. Her handbag had a strip of leopard print across the front and a clip-on hanging from the metal part of her strap. She had her favorite leopard print pumps on with her jeans and a red v-neck tank top. Her marble colored hair flowed down her back in waves as it softly swayed in the breeze. Red lips and nails both painted to perfection as she drove to the supermarket for groceries.

Leather Leopard Print Purse with Pink Strap and HandlesSuddenly Patroula spotted a dark blue vehicle with the sunroof partially opened, and it was speeding by her. She happened to notice a young distressed girl inside the front seat, brown hair to her shoulders with a floral clip pinned to the side. Inside the vehicle, was a middle-aged man with short blonde spiked hair and he had a dark tan. She noticed the two were arguing and wondered if the young girl was his daughter.

Pink Bear and Balls Charm KeyringPatroula’s instinctive senses kicked in and she knew this was a bad situation. The girl may be in danger whether it was her father or not. Her right hand pinky finger twitched and she knew right there, the young girl was in danger. She followed the dark blue vehicle closely but far enough to not cause suspicion. She removed the clip-on from her handbag and pulled the Bluetooth to hear their conversation. Within seconds Patroula was in front of the vehicle, took a closer look and saw the gun. Inside the vehicle, had it pressed to the young girl’s side, level with her heart. The sound of Patroula’s sports car caught the attention of the driver and he took off at full speed, while she stepped on the gas with her leopard pumps, flooring it to the metal.

Red Heart and Flower Charm KeyringThe vehicle started to swerve as he approached the steep curve along the road and slid sideways, as he managed to make it as the vehicle fishtailed. Patroula flew by so fast, she was suddenly upon the dark blue vehicle. They played back and forth dodging each other as the young girl in the car held onto the dashboard for dear life. She whipped out the threads from the front buckle of her handbag, as they shot out through her window and around the wheels, stopping the dark blue vehicle in its tracks. She simultaneously locked the driver’s door so he couldn’t escape, with her crossbody handbag zipper pull auto lock and ran to the passenger side and flung her make-up compact at the gun which caused it to spin out of his hands and out the window. She removed the girl as the driver tried to get the gun, and before he knew it Patroula and the girl were gone at high speed out of sight. His doors locked with no way out, and Patroula called the police and left the rest to them.

In her sports car, Patroula was tucking in the make-up compact back into her handbag. She swiped it off the ground earlier with the gun as she placed the girl into her car. She would drop the gun off at the Police station after she brought the girl home to safety. The Police notified her that they had the suspect and to leave the gun with them when she comes by to give her statement, and the girl would give her’s when they went to visit her at home.

Red Faux Leather Waist or Crossbody bag with Gold Bees

Patroula adjusted her v-neck tank top, fingered her hair back and applied a fresh layer of red lipstick and took off to the grocery store. Thinking her work day was over, she saw two suspicious people, a woman and a man, entering the grocery store as they looked around everywhere quickly. As they walked at a fast pace, Patroula saw the woman reach into her handbag and slip a small handheld gun in her top, then push it down her bra. As the couple continued to walk briskly, she made her way to the corner they were heading for which was the Manager’s office. Assuming they were looking for the money safe. Patroula pulled the fire alarm and the customers walked outside guided by the staff to safety.

Blue Suede and Leather Box Bag

The couple had stopped in their tracks and tried to look busy while reading a magazine. A man with a manager pin on his shirt came out to see why the fire alarm went off, and asked what was going on as the couple looked at him. Patroula pointed to the woman’s shirt and told him she was packing one, and wasn’t referring to a sirloin steak. The manager held out his hand expecting to get the gun, then the couple tried to run. Patroula then raised her arms in the air and two quick shots of sedation hit each the woman and man in the back of the neck. Her naval jewel shot them out instantly with perfect shots. The couple collapsed and by then two security guards were there. They found the small handgun and arrested the couple.

Patroula removed her naval jewel, and placed it in her handbag where she would refill it later at home. It was just another day for her, a double handbag duty adventure and she really wanted to finally buy her groceries and get home.

I created Patroula who is actually me, my birth name is Patra. When I was very young this is what I was called growing up and I was always strong, creative and adventurous. It’s fun writing for her allowing me to use my creativity.

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Unless otherwise stated, the bags for this article I chose from various merchants for the specific style I needed to write this article.

Acknowledgement: This article is not to be copied or altered in any way, I have the original rough copy.


  1. stefanie taylor


    Hi Patsy I just love what you have done with this article! A really entertaining story around the images of some lovely handbags – it really is unique, and that’s what is so eye-catching about it. Plus, I love your taste in handbags and keyrings.
    It’s great that you are actually Patroula as I wasn’t expecting that bit. You really have a talent for creative writing and I would like to read your next story in the making. Seriously, keep up the good work, it’s really made me smile tonight 🙂

    1. Patsy


      Hi Stefanie, you are welcome and thank you!

      I love writing for Patroula, once I start my mind goes on and I create a story in no time.

      I will write for her every couple of months and this one is that old already. I published the second one and hope you stop by and find it as well!

  2. ScottG


    Great story! Reminds me of inspector gadget, Patroula being the female version. I don’t think that I have ever seen someone get this creative with a story that uses their products in it. You did a nice job with the descriptions keeping the reader engaged.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Scott,

      I use to watch Inspector Gadget, it was a great cartoon and that was a very long time ago!

      I like to be creative and it’s nice for a change. I see from the other comments my readers liked it as well.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Manika-Nia Dixon


      It reminded me of Inspector Gadget as well, but a very stylish one! This was so cool and I have not seen anything like it on a similar site, so it is also very unique! Thanks so much it brightened my day 🙂

      1. Patsy


        Hi Manika-Nia, you are welcome.

        When Scott brought up the detective character Inspector Gadget in his comment, it was funny! Patroula has special gadgets herself.

        Patroula shows my creative side and changes things up a little for my website. I love writing stories for her and have another one in the works!

        I’m glad you liked it and thanks for your comment!

  3. Irma


    I love it! What an fun and awesome way to present your products and I like having the photo of the bag in question right there to see.
    Patroula sounds like a well organized person who is always ready to save the day. Great story! I hope will tell us more of her adventures!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Irma, thank you!

      Patroula is actually me with her description. It’s nice to add a little fun, something different once in a while. Her weapons are handbags and accessories and it’s a perfect fit for my website.

      Thanks for stopping by and liking my article!

  4. Ha Roda


    Cool story!!! I love it. It is a very unique way to draw people into your setting. I was pulled in with Patroula. My husband always say “A great story can become classics and people will want to come back for more…” Looking forward to read more of your creation. =)

    1. Patsy


      Hello Ha, thank you!

      I added my creative story for something different and I’m glad you like it.
      Patroula has her special bags and accessories for her work, just as we have ours.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment!

  5. Gabriella Tito


    Hah, that was pretty cool! Patroula is my hero. Thank you for sharing this. This conveys the visuals perfectly and makes me want a bigger bag…

    1. Patsy


      Hi Gabriella, thank you!

      You are welcome, I had to add it to my website since it’s relative to it. I had it for a sample and thought it would be a great addition. Who knows, I may write more about Patroula’s adventures. My birth name is Patra and I was called Patroula while I was little.

      It’s interesting that the visual of her story wants you to have a bigger bag. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Kalipi


    Oooh mine …really nice story it got me in my feelings and a very smart way to sell the products…good job ..love your stories
    One love

    1. Patsy


      Hi Kalipi, thank you.

      I thought to add this story that was created a while back as a sample for something else. I thought it would be interesting to add it to my website. It’s about special bags and accessories so it fits in well.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I’m glad you liked it!

  7. Amy


    Patroula is an inspiration and good for her that she can rely on her crossbody handbag to assist her special agents ops. I love the fact that her zipper pull auto lock came in so handy, and so easy and quick to grab. The clip-on function for bluetooth is genius. I am always looking for a functional cross body bag, one that holds more than my phone, and this selection seems to have it all covered…! This is great to know. If it’s good enough for Patroula then it’s good enough for me!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Amy, I’m glad you liked my creative story.

      I thought I would change things up and be creative with my bags. It’s always nice to have a bag that functions well for us over one that doesn’t do the trick. There are so many styles now we are sure to find one that works for us, and a few are added in this article.

      Thanks for stopping by to read my story and to leave your great comment!

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