Private Handbag Collections

We all had a handbag collection at some point, whether it’s a few of them or enough to fill an entire room. They could be anything that we are attracted to or fond of. They can be old bags accumulated over the years, new ones or a mix of both. Purses and handbag collections are common, we might use them all at some point or have a few that just lay around or are in storage.

I used to have quite the collection but went through them all and the bags I hadn’t used within the year or that I didn’t want anymore, I brought to Goodwill.

A Private Handbag Collection

The handbag collection I am featuring belongs to Taetske. She resides in the beautiful South of Spain. I asked Taetske if she could take pictures of her collection to share in this article. I also asked her a few questions about her collection. The first picture is the Summer collection, the second is Winter and the last one is Taetske with her evening bags.

Private Handbag Collection Summer

1. How long have you been collecting purses and handbags?

I think I started buying handbags and purses when I had earned my own money. I must have been some 20 years old.

2. Between the three collections how many do you have?

My 3 collections together have 38 handbags/purses.

3. Which is your favorite one? or do you have several.

I have a couple of favorites, sometimes it is a color or a texture and sometimes it might be something sentimental. My Mother and I went shopping in 1991 or 92 and I made her buy a handbag which I found lovely. She did not use it a lot, perhaps she thought it a bit too much. She passed away in 1997 and I still have that handbag.  I do not only consider buying a handbag because of its looks.

4. Do you have a favorite style?

As I carry half my house with me, I need a big one for everyday use. I prefer if it has a couple of pockets inside. If not it gets difficult finding your keys, mobile etc. I like it to have handles so I carry it in my hand, but can also wear it over my shoulder.

5. Do you have a favorite color or more than one?

It is difficult to say what my favorite color is. As I live in the south of Spain with even sunny days in the winter and mild temperatures it is not only black or brown. I think it is more how does this bag combine with the clothes I wear. Therefore the handbag can be white, light blue, orange or have flowers.

Private Handbag Collection Winter

6. Do you mix your handbags with other seasons, or do you keep the seasons as they are specifically?

When I came to live on the Costa del Sol in 1979, one really had seasons here. That has kind of disappeared over the years. From summer one falls straight into the winter and vice versa. I notice it with my clothes. There are certain, I call them in between clothes, pieces you do not get to wear, year after year. In general, I keep the handbags and use them during their season.

7. What size do you prefer? 

As I said previously I need a biggish handbag to have space for all the things I think I might need being away from home. This is probably something from the time I worked as a tourist guide. There were days I was out of the house early morning to come back at midnight. I would have plasters, needle, and thread in case a button would fall off the uniform. All this adding to the many other items I would take with me.

8. How often do you you buy? 

I do not often buy a new one as I really do not have the excuse of not having any. Then of course if I buy it has to be a different shape/color/texture, not so easy to find. I love to go to the sales and if I find a special one I will buy it for sure but it really has to be different from the ones I already have.

9. Would you go anywhere without one?  

No way I would not leave the house without a handbag.

10. Describe each season handbag collection.  

The winter collection has black, dark brown and light brown ones. Also a dark blue one with a pretty pattern in the leather. I have what we call a crocodile print on leather on 3 handbags. Some are suede leather to match the winter boots I have.

The summer bags are more lively in color, even animal print, flowers and different types of material instead of leather or a combination of both.

The evening handbags and purses go from medium size to small and from gold, glitter and mixed colors. There is one I especially like. It is black suede with real snakeskin on the front, it looks chic I must say.

Private Handbag Collection Evening Bags with the Owner

11. How do you store the bags you are not using?

It is very important to take good care of your handbags, like that they last many years. When needed I use some shoe polish and I keep a lot of them in big cloth bags. These bags are often provided by the shop where you buy the handbag.

12. Do you think you will ever cut back on your collection and not have as many? 

I do not know what will happen when I am a really old lady, but for the moment I like to keep my collection and now and then even add a few new ones.

I’d like to thank Taetske for allowing me to do this interview. She had modelled for one of my other articles called Matching Handbags Footwear and Outfits where she uses her own handbags, footwear and outfits!

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  1. Pernilla


    Hello Patsy!

    I like this post with the interview with Taetske a lot. Handbags and purses are a necessity especially for us women. It is not alway easy to find the right handbag for every occasion. My handbags are mostly black or brown, these coulours matches almost all clothings, except white dresses. Lately I bought a new handbag for daily use. It is blue with pink and violet flowers. It’s so sweet and the colour makes me happy.

    What disturbes me a bit is that when I use another handbag, I have to put my belongings from one bag to the other.
    Well, I suppose that’s the “price to pay” for wanting different handbags for different occasions.

    All the best,

    1. Patsy


      Hi Pernilla,

      Thanks for liking my post it was a fun one to create.

      It sounds like you have it covered with your handbags and are organized. It’s nice that your new handbag makes you happy. I have a video for making your own purse organizer. You can choose a size and the best part is taking it from one bag and placing it in the next one!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

      1. Pernilla


        Hello again Patsy,
        A purse organizer, that sounds perfect!
        Looked for the video, but didn’t find it. May I ask you to tell me where I can find that video or give me the link?
        Thanks a lot!

        1. Patsy


          Hi Pernilla,

          The video was just below the article, I was having an issue adding the link for it when I wrote the comment, sorry.
          This is the link, for the purse organizer tutorial

          You will love how easy it is to make this and it only takes a few minutes. The best part is how it’s made of felt so it won’t fray!
          You can transfer it to any handbag, you can make different sizes also.

          Good luck with this project, and thanks again for stopping by!

  2. bec


    What a beautiful collection of handbags. It’s lovely to hear someone talk about the beauty of their collection and all the sentimental value and joy that it brings to their lives. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Patsy


      Hello Bec, you are welcome.

      They are a great selection of handbags, and I was happy Taetske agreed to share them on my website. It’s not often you get to hear something private like this and from someone generous and beautiful from the South of Spain!

      I am proud to have this unique article, being able to share with everyone. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment!

  3. Lauren


    Hi Patsy and Taetske,
    Thanks for fabulous, fun interview and those gorgeous images. What a feast for the eyes. I especially loved the elegant shot of Taetske with her bag collection. Stunning!
    Wow, Taetske, that’s an impressive collection. I usually only have one bag at a time and I use it until it falls apart or starts looking shoddy. My bags are almost always fire engine red or bright pink. Sounds a bit garish I know but I always get compliments on my bags. For the past few years my bags have been free gifts with Revlon make-up and no-one would ever guess!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Lauren, you are welcome.

      It was a fun article to create. I thought asking her questions would be nice so she can describe her collection in more detail.

      We all have our own preferences on how we use our handbags. Others, as yourself only have the one handbag and that’s perfectly fine.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story!

  4. Jay Patterson


    Wonderful interview. Each of us has desires of necessity and luxury that make us who we are and the quote “I would not leave home without one” explains the necessity of a handbag in on sentence. Even us guys have needs, I travel with a pocket knife everywhere and have offered rewards for lost pocket knives.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Jay, thank you.

      It was fun thinking up what questions to ask and then to get them back and read them was great.

      You are so right with all of us having our own necessity for the luxury we need. We are unique and different from each other. I’m sure there are many other guys out there that can relate with you.

      Thank you for visiting my article and sharing in your comment!

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