Matching Handbags, Footwear and Outfits

A trendy and carefully selected purse or handbag can elevate your outfit. A mismatching one can bring your look down, depending on how you wear it. If it’s messy it won’t look right, if it’s a sharp clean look it’s fine.

Old and New With Styles and Shapes

Whether you have an older style and shape, or newer updated one, the shiny look is always in. These can be used if you do not want to wear flashy fabrics, or just don’t feel like getting really dressed up. Popular shiny finishes are gold or silver bags along with pink, blue or purple.

Other looks can be different shapes like round ‘circle’ bags that you may not use every day, or drawstring tops, shiny accents like buckles, chains, rivets or broaches. Smaller handbags are in style that would only fit your mobile phone and a lipstick. It may not sound practical, but with the proper outfit and occasion it works, as shown in the image, with Taetske holding her smaller sized purse. This purse has a unique shape with multi colors that suit the outfit she has on.

Multi Colored Purse and Shoes and White Dress
From Casual to Dressy Handbags and OutfitsBlack Handbag, Shoes and Outfit

If you have a fairly active lifestyle and like to be hands free, purse style backpacks are the best option. Dressed up or down, they are perfect for easy removal when needed. You can’t really wear a waist pouch with a dressy outfit, it would mess up the waistline area. You can use one with any dress down casual look. There are many White Floral Purse Shoes and Outfitchoices to choose from with many fabrics like leather or metallic for a dressed up look or denim, plastic or anything that is appropriate for a casual look.

Summery handbags that are decorated with flowers are always in style. Whether beaded, painted or embroidered, they make a nice addition to any outfit. They match any type of shoe also regardless of color since the flowery patterns are mixed colors. That goes with your choice of clothing also, as Taetske has with her own flower patterned purse and the same white outfit, showing you can match anything with white.

Matching Your Handbags With FootwearLeopard Print Handbag with Beige Shoes

Matching your handbags with shoes or boots is still ongoing, but not necessary. This trend slowly faded unnoticed, and it’s obvious we cannot always find an exact match unless you purchase them together as a set. A multicolored handbag will accommodate any plain shoe as Taetske shows her Leopard print handbag and plain beige shoes. White Purse White Shoes Blue Floral Dress

It all comes down to what we are comfortable with, and not what anyone else thinks, or what the style is for that period. Actually, anything is in style now, new and updated handbags or outfits give us a choice if we find something we like. Otherwise, using what we currently have like non matching, handbags and outfits are very much in style also, as Taetske Models in the image here.Woven Straw Handbag and shoes


I would like to thank Taetske who modelled and provided the pictures, using her own collection of purses and handbags, and her husband Michael for taking them. They reside in the South of Spain.

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  1. Terry Vandal


    What an amazing post, and such beautiful pictures! I never thought about matching handbags with shoes before! I wear a lot of black, so my purse and shoes or boots tend to be black, but your images have shown how nice the colors can go together! Great job on your site by the way! I’m very impressed!! 🙂 I need more purses, as I tend to borrow my daughter’s leftovers…lol..I would love to order some new handbags when possible! 🙂

    1. Patsy


      Hi Terry,

      Thank you! I have been matching ‘everything’ since I was very young, and it continues to this day. That goes for my handbags of course, but for specific occasions only now. I grab what I feel like wearing for the moment.

      You don’t realize how nice it looks until you see something like my article here, and it gives you ideas for new changes once in a while. I always buy my handbags on sale, I love a great sale.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. Loes


    Great pictures, the handbags, and shoes match terrific! I am going to wander around a bit on your website Patsy! It’s a good feeling for a woman’s heart;)

    1. Patsy


      Hi Loes,

      They are great pictures of Taetske modelling matching handbags, footwear and the outfits. I wanted to show how you can change things up and even having a handbag with non matching shoes is fine. It’s whatever we are comfortable with that matters.

      Thank you for stopping by and wandering around my website. I hope to see you back soon!

  3. Princila


    Thank you for this post, Patsy.

    I tend to buy only dark colored shoes and handbags (black, gray, and dark blue) since I don’t want to risk mismatching. I’ve always known these colors to work with any dress ttype. However, I just feel sometimes that they make me look dull.

    I work with doctors and other healthcare professionals and always strive to keep a business look. But I’m afraid this is also affecting my social life, as I’m typically lost when it comes to choosing trendy purses or handbags to elevate my outfit.

    Do you have any recommendations for professional women who want to look chic and not too dull at the same time?


    1. Patsy


      Hi Princila, you are welcome. I’m happy you left a comment in search for some help.

      You are correct about your colors causing your look to be dull especially with black, gray and dark blue. It’s good to step out of the box and take risks once in a while toward a change.

      Sometimes ‘color’ is all that is needed to make a significant change. You don’t need to follow current trends, as long as you are comfortable with what is best for your own personal style.

      It is fine if your purse or handbag don’t match your footwear. There are a couple of pictures in my post showing the pink handbag and the striped shoes, also the one with the totally mismatched purse and shoes.

      I think you should add a ‘pop’ of color to your black, gray or blue outfits. For example, a red purse will look awesome with any of those colors, while wearing the same color of shoes that match the outfit. The red purse alone will be the change. It could also be a blue or yellow purse, of course you can have the same color of shoes, matching the color of the purse.

      You can also add accessories to your handbag like a purse scarf or a broach.

      I hope I have given you ideas to start having a look that isn’t dull, but more colorful and noticeable!

  4. teachexplorerun


    What would you recommend as a must have? Like a black pump/ black small purse? I am a minimalist since my life needs to fit into 2 suitcases since I work abroad and like that, I do not own many possessions.

    But I think women particularly enjoy matching their outfits with their accessory. Shoes and bags are number 1.

    1. Patsy


      Hi, thank you for reading another one of my posts.

      I would recommend just as you have stated, black pumps and a small black purse for someone who doesn’t have a lot of room in her suitcase. You can’t  go wrong with the color black! It matches anything. That goes for matching with your outfits also, although anything goes because it’s up to your taste and how you feel.

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by while you are traveling for your work.

  5. Monica Bouteiller


    Sometimes my life can be very hectic and I love buying purses that match whatever activity I do. I’ve been searching for a purse online that’s casual yet dressy enough for a wedding coming up soon.

    When I read your article, I found it very interesting to read because it made me think of an embroidered purse like the image you are showing for summery handbags and even the colours will match my dress.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Monica, thank you for the comment. I agree that life can get hectic and sometimes it’s not easy to find something specific to match for what is needed.

      The picture of the embroidered purse I chose specifically to show as an example of what a summer purse with flowers may look like. The options change regularly so it’s always good to come back to check for updates.

      Thanks again Monica, hope to see you soon!

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