Matching Handbag Sets

Three piece black leather tote, crossbody purse and wallet setYou can’t go wrong with multiple handbag sets. They can be used for everyday needs, or are a great idea for travel. A set can include a wallet, makeup bag and handbag. A coin purse, wallet, small crossbody purse and a medium tote. A folding card case, travel pouch, and mini tote. A clutch, shoulder bag and large tote. A card holder, wallet, purse and tote as seen in the picture with the four piece blue leather set, and a wallet, crossbody purse and tote in the picture with the three piece black leather set. Many more combinations are available that can include a car key holder, mirror or a mini photo album to name a few. You can fit the smaller matching items in the purse, or the large ones in the handbag or tote, once you choose which bag is needed for the day or evening.

Four piece blue leather tote, purse, wallet and card holderFinding gift ideas can be tough, especially when the one you are buying for seems to have everything. Buying a matching handbag set is a nice idea and safe to choose colors like black, brown, grey or white. The handbag sets don’t have to be dressy, but more casual like the pictures with the brown leather and beige faux fur trim and the same set but with black leather and light grey trim. This includes the backpack, purse and clutch style bag. They are purchased separately or you can get all three for a set. These are from Spain, a friend of mine Taetske and her husband took these great pictures for me.

Three matching black leather and light grey faux fur trim bags, a backpack, purse and clutch style bag from Spain

You can find these sets made from authentic or imitation leather more often since they are the most popular. Vinyl or cloth fabric can be found at places that will carry them also. The fabric depends on the time of year, where summer will have light fabric choices available along with leather. A mix of both can be found with the base mainly leather, having some fabric added to areas or an all fabric bag with a strip of leather on it and a leather strap.

Three matching brown leather and beige faux fur trim bags, a backpack, purse and clutch style bag from Spain

Matching handbags sets are a great addition to add to your current purses and handbags collection.

I would like to thank Taetske and Michael for taking the time to stop and take the last two pictures for me. Taetske is featured in two other articles where she models, and Michael takes the pictures.

Using an all weather protection spray like Tana All Protector or a conditioner you would purchase for shoes, would benefit your bags preventing rust and stains and keeping them in shape, lasting longer.

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  1. kayla


    I really enjoy visiting your website. I always have a huge selection of purse at my home, mostly older ones that I have used.
    I can’t resist having a new purse and not using it.
    I really like how each purse comes in different sizes and styles.
    I prefer smaller ones since I seem to cram as much into as I can, but keeping it small allows only for the necessary.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Kayla, thank you.

      I have quite a few purses and handbags and use them all at some point depending on the the use for them.This is what I like about matching handbags sets, choosing the size you need. 

      These are actually 42{a6c0724c07ac15e64b8df8d2553ab892bb5fee18ecf097e0cc0df98f16c06df2} off and come in red and black also. When you click the link at the bottom of the article and you get to the shopping page. It’s the second banner OASAP at the bottom of the page, if you want to take a better look at them. When you click on the picture once on the website it shows several pictures of what it looks like.

      Thanks for stopping by, hoping to see you back again soon!

  2. Cheryl


    Hi Patsy, love this site and I really like the set of the four blue bags, these really jumped out at me. I will most certainly come back and look at everything else you have on your site as I am looking for some ideas for Christmas presents at the moment and purses and bags are always a good idea. I may even drop some hints to the family about the blue ones.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Cheryl, thank you!

      That set of four blue bags are leather, and are on sale with 42{a6c0724c07ac15e64b8df8d2553ab892bb5fee18ecf097e0cc0df98f16c06df2} off!
      On my main page Women’s Purses and Handbags where I have my shopping banners, if you scroll down to the bottom you will see two banners. The first one is BagInc and the second is OASAP. Click on the second one and you will find them there on the first page. Also, you have access to the shopping page by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article. I don’t know what quantities the merchant has. On the top bar you will see a flag, you can choose your country for the price. Shipping is free.

      Thank you for stopping by my website and loving it, I appreciate you leaving a comment.

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