Making Your Own Handbag – Video

Making your own bag for women or men can be fun, you choose your fabric, pattern, style and fit. Whether you are short or tall, making it personalized creates a unique bag that no one else has. Regardless of which handbag you decide to make, you can add your own decorations. You can get creative with embellishing in different ways by adding sequins, beads, rivets, lace, embroidery, adding your favorite pins or broaches. Adding a clip on or purse scarf is also and option.

Make Your Own Messenger Bag

I chose the following video for the quality and simplicity to do it yourself. The video runs for about 30 minutes, and the instructions are clear and easy to understand.

The handbag in this video is a unisex crossbody messenger bag, where you can see how easy it is to make when you follow the step by step instructions. You can pause the video when needed as you assemble it, or while you are sewing. You can measure and adjust the strap to fit where it will be the proper length and comfort.

This Messenger bag is well made with lining inside and has a nicely made base giving it depth wide enough, making it roomy for adding a notebook or tablet. It’s thickness makes it solid and not flimsy because it is layered with a thick outer fabric, and has batting in between the fabric and the lining.

It’s an excellent video for both the experienced and new creator, and is detailed giving it less room for making errors. It’s a good idea to view the video once to see what is needed and have everything ready before you begin.

I hope you enjoyed this do it yourself video, creating your very own personal hand made messenger bag, that you can leave plain as is or decorated it as you wish.

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  1. Life Hack Guide


    Thank you for such a great sharing on how to make our own handbag. Being a petite lady, I’ve always had handbag issues where the shoulder strap was too long for my body. With this, I can throw to create my own handbag of my choice, and in my own preferred color and design. I can’t wait to get started! I hope I have delicate hands though 😛 Thanks for the recommendations!

    1. Patsy


      You are welcome! I chose this one out of many others for how simple and thorough it is.

      This is the perfect way to customize your own home made handbag, in more ways than what the video shows. You can add your own decorations if you’d like on plain fabric. I’m sure you will enjoy making one, and it also makes a great gift idea.

  2. Elbert


    Hi Patsy,

    What a great video tutorial.  I like the messenger bag as it is easy to carry especially when you bring some documents or even a laptop.

    I like the materials for a tote bag though, I used to work in a company that produced a canvas tote bag so yes I kinda know the feel of it and the color it can produce after being printed 🙂

    1. Patsy


      Hi Elbert,

      I agree the tutorial is clear and easy to understand, so anyone can make their own. The most popular for the guys is the messenger bag, and canvas is the most chosen material. It’s masculine, strong and rugged.

      It’s interesting that you worked making canvas tote bags, you are familiar with how they are put together. Thanks for visiting my website and sharing your story!

  3. Nancy


    The video was a wonderful help. I’ve always wanted to make my own bag, but I’ve always been scared to use the sowing machine because I don’t really know how to use it. This helps me to be better able to plan in me head for what I want to do.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Nancy, thank you for commenting.

      I know what’s it’s like to be intimidated by a sewing machine. My Mom used to sew a lot of our clothes when we were younger. There were five of us girls, and I was the only one who followed in her footsteps. I eventually lost the fear and made my first ‘jean’ bag from a pattern. We didn’t have YouTube back then!

      It helps when you get scrap fabric and experiment with it first until you get comfortable. This video is easy and great for beginners. The nice part is that you can ‘pause’ the video and take your time. When you start the video, the option to save it is at the bottom.

      It’s good to plan ahead of time, and I hope you get to try it which may lead to other fun sewing projects!

  4. [email protected]


    Really interesting! I’ve never thought about making my own messenger handbag until I saw this post and your video. Honestly, making bags seems out of my league because of the intricate details of the stitches and everything, like bags are always factory-made. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in this. Will give it a try! 🙂

    1. Patsy


      Hi Lily, you are welcome!

      I’m happy you enjoyed my article, and how you want to give it a try. You will discover that it’s not quite out of your league. It never hurts to try.

      I chose this video for the easy to follow, step by step instructions. As you will see, the details are very simple and not complicated at all. The great part is choosing your own fabric and making it personal. Taking pride in something you make for yourself is rewarding.

      I will be adding more similar videos soon, making a variety of different styles.

      Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you stop by again soon.

  5. Shawn


    Hi Patsy.
    The Video is very well done in the sense that it is truly informative and very easy to follow step by step. Anyone can begin to tap into their own creative talents with the videos and information you have.

    Also, I couldn’t help but browse around the site and take a look at the men’s hand bags. I was for the first time interested. I have never purchased what is called a “handbag” for myself but there are definitely some masculine bags and accessories that any guy would be proud to sport.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Shawn, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      I chose this specific video for exactly the reasons you have stated. It’s informative, and the easy to follow steps are great for beginners also.

      I’m happy you had the chance to visit the men’s line, and got to see what’s out there for choices. There is something for everyone.

      Drop by again anytime!

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