How To Make A Zippered Pouch-Video

There are hundreds of make-up bags for women, and travel pouches for both women and men in all sizes, shapes, colors, and fabrics, but there is nothing like making your own. Storing extra make-up, or extra razors for the guys, leaving a spare pouch with personal items for work, you can have one in your vehicle for convenience. You can one at your companion’s home, or a family member’s when you visit is a great idea. They make a great gift for everyone, and you can fill them up with what you know the person would like or may need.

When you travel specific sizes of shampoo for example, are needed since you don’t have to bring a full sized bottle. Mouthwash, deodorant, shaver, men’s razors, individually wrapped moist wipes, travel toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, nail polish remover pads, your contact lens case, jewelry, and many other items needed for the occasion.

Making your own zippered pouch is a perfect project, whether for yourself, a family member or a friend. You can choose the fabric, pattern, color, and size, customizing it your way. Embellishing it can be fun by adding a flower, or something for the guys. You can add beads, studs, jeweled stones, sequins, anything you find to make it interesting and more personal.

I chose this video tutorial because the zippered box pouch is really nice and looks professionally made. It is a perfect size, although you can make it smaller or larger by adjusting the fabric and zipper size. It has lining which makes it solid and not to soft but firm and keeps its shape. It is also washable. The instructions are easy to follow, and very thorough  going step by step. A basic zipper foot is all you need. It’s only ten minutes long since she fast-forwards it while finishing the stitching.

It’s best to watch the whole video first to be familiar with what has to be done, and to have all the items you need ready. One of the best things is how you can pause the video when needed. Before you know it, you will have a great zippered pouch that you made on your own, and I’m sure you will have fun making this one.

I have another article, Making Your Own Purse Organizer where you make an organizer for your purse or handbag along with making one for the guys to throw in their bag or vehicles to keep their smaller things in one place. It only takes twenty minutes and is also a great idea for a gift!

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  1. itbagstyle


    Very helpful article, look forward to see new article.

    1. Patsy


      Hello Tina,

      I’m happy you found my article and it was helpful for you.

      I have many articles that I write for my website with different topics for women and men’s bags.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I hope to see you again soon!

  2. Cassandra


    As someone who isn’t very creative that tutorial looks really doable! It would be nice and easy to make not only for myself but as gifts as well! Great post! Thank you!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Cassandra, you are welcome.

      I’m glad you liked this tutorial, I always look for the best ones that are short and simple with great results!
      I hope you enjoy making yourself one along with a couple of gifts. The best thing is choosing the fabric you like.

  3. Arta


    What a great article and great idea of making a zippered pouch. The pouch looks really great though I am not very confident about my sewing skills 🙂 But I think it is definitely worth trying as an idea about personalized pouch sounds cool. Do you know the approximate cost of the pouch if making on my own? And what type of fabric would be the best to use for it?

    1. Patsy


      Hi Arta,

      Thanks, this was the best tutorial I found during my search for one. The tutorial is easy to undestand and follow, I’ve seen many and it’s for beginners also. It’s always nice to make your own.

      I have no idea for the approximate cost it depends on what fabric you buy, the zipper and anything else you may not already have at home like thread etc. There are so many different fabrics, you would have to go to a place that sells sewing things. You can choose your own and check out the prices at the same time. 

      Thank you for dropping by, reading my article and leaving a message!

  4. Janice OBrien


    This post couldn’t have come at a better time! As a mom of 4, it seems my purse gets stuffed with items that don’t belong to me, especially on long trips! I think I may need to tweak the measurements to ensure it fits in my purse at full capacity, but am truly looking forward to making this! I love patterns like this, and my sewing machine has sat in storage for far too long! Have you tried doing this with a double zipper, so that a small lock can be put on (for travel)?

    1. Patsy


      Hi Janice,

      It’s great that we can adjust anything in these tutorials to suit our needs. I’m glad you like this one, it was my favorite of all the similar ones that I found.

      I haven’t made anything in a while, my sewing machine needs to be used soon it’s been too long. I used to sew often and miss it.

      Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy making this zippered pouch!

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