Fabric Selections For Women’s Bags

The type of handbag carried can often tell a lot about the owner. The more expensive style continues be authentic leather, or animal skins from python, snake, alligator, and crocodile. For fur it’s jaguar, leopard, giraffe, zebra, tiger, deer, lion and fox. If you aren’t into leather, there are plenty of choices to choose from. Below is a picture of a blue suede and leather handbag.

Blue Suede and leather handbag

Fabric includes leather, faux or imitation leather, patent, suede, leather with fabric like plaid or canvas, flannelette, plastic, vinyl, rubber, cork, tapestry, rayon, knit, crochet, mesh, straw, canvas, linen, cotton, burlap, wool, shiny metallic, satin, silk, velvet, quilted, denim, metal, authentic fur, faux or imitation fur.

Patterns and textures include plane, plaid, floral, pleated, aztec, color block, lace, stitched, embroidered, embossed, cut out pattern, weave, striped, camouflage, animal print, scenery, a mix of plain with a pattern like leather and lace or satin, silk, canvas or denim, embellished with beads or studs, pearls, sequins or gemstones. A mix of leather and plaid fabric is shown in the picture below.

brown leather purse with plaid

Canvas is popular for it’s strength, vinyl, rubber or plastic is great for wet weather as they are water resistant. Most other fabrics are good for any other season. Cork fabric or cork leather is high quality and made from thin cork shavings. It comes directly from the oak cork tree bark. Most of the production is handmade. It’s soft to the touch, environmentally friendly, durable like leather, it’s stain resistant and waterproof. This fabric is used to make many products including handbags. Cork fabric is available in Canada, USA, Portugal, U.K., Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

Shiny silver metallic quilted and gemstone leather purse

A silver metallic, quilted and gemstone leather purse is displayed above. It has a mix of everything. Taking care of your handbags is important by keeping them clean and protected. To learn how to do this, Tana All Protector Spray is all you need. If it’s not available in your area, you can find something similar to help keep your handbags lasting longer and looking their best.

pink leather handbag with embossed patternOur handbags have always been part of our fashion statement. Luxurious designer bags, whether authentic or copies are still in demand. We get to choose from so many varieties of fabric, that bring out our personalities as we carry them. The right bag can make you feel good. We have been using them to carry our necessities and intimate possessions for so long, they are part of who we are. Most women would feel lost without them, always having our bags with us. Above is a pink leather handbag with embossed pattern fabric.

Color, style, patterns, fabric, unique as we all are, whether our bags are handmade and expensive or picked up at the Thrift Store. When we go shopping for a handbag that we have in mind, what are the odds of finding it, over settling for something else? Once we get out there we don’t know what we will end up with. With all the competition, the selection is huge, which may be less of a benefit to many as there are a lot to choose from. Below is a grey leather shoulder bag with a cut out design.

Grey leather shoulder bag with cut our design

You can make your own bags, choosing any fabric you want, and decorating them. I found and easy to follow video for making a messenger bag, it runs for about 30 minutes, it’s solid and has lining also. You can make it for yourself or as a gift.

I wrote a great article about Embellished Handbags, where you can either buy them already embellished or you can decorate your own the way you like it. Fabric selections will continue to grow, giving us more choices to add to our collection.

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Unless otherwise stated, the bags for this article I chose from various merchants for the specific style I needed to write this article.


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    Hi Patsy,

    Let me start by saying thank you!!!
    Men do not know what they are missing. In Italy, men have used bags for years. I rather carry a bag and not stuff my pockets.

    My wife and I both enjoyed this website.
    We have 3 daughters, and you Patsy, have helped to
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    1. Patsy


      Hello Edwin, you are welcome!

      I see you are ahead of most men when it comes to using bags. It’s true how it’s better to use a bag than stuff pockets, but I’m guessing most men are used to doing that.

      I’m happy you and your wife enjoyed my website. I started with women’s purses and hangbags, then not long after I added the men’s. The shopping banner I have for the guys has an enormous selection along with the women’s between both banners I have for them.

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  2. Pernilla


    Hello Patsy!

    First of all I want to thank you for the tip about the purse organizer. The video is great, now I can sew it myself. How lucky I am having my own sewing machine!

    After having read this article about Fabric Selection for Women’s Bags I’ve gotten a great lesson about the huge variety of fabrics for bags.

    I’m delighted to find another great video about how to make your own bag. It’s much easier to learn how to do when looking at a video compared to read the instructions in a book.


    1. Patsy


      Hi Pernilla,

      You are welcome for the purse organizer! My sewing machine is in storage otherwise I would have made myself a couple of them. I love that they are felt and won’t fray, along with how easy they are to make.

      The video you found to make your own handbag, is that the one I have here on how to make your own messenger bag? I know there are several out there. The one I have was chosen for how simple the instructor makes it and she is detailed.

      My article here opened my eyes to how many different types of fabric there are out there. It’s not easy to find the specific bag you have in mind with all the selections.

      Thanks for visiting my website again, and I hope you return soon to read my upcoming articles.

      1. Pernilla


        Hello again Patsy!
        I like to see how passioned you are about handbags and purses.
        Yes, I meant the video you recommend in this blog, how to make my own messenger bag. I appreciate that it’s explained in detail how to do. Often it is not easy to understand, because some things are not shown thoroughly. So thanks again for a good choice of video.

        1. Patsy


          Hi Pernilla,

          There are so many videos out there I wasn’t sure. I’m happy you like this one.

          Take care


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