Differences Between Women’s And Men’s Wallets

Men's three fold black goatskin wallet with a coin pocketThe most popular, classic, iconic and trendy wallet is made of leather and it continues to be because they are durable and versatile. Always in style dominating the market, we choose the one that functions the best for our needs. Wallets are also made from many other materials like plastic, fabric, or metal and more. They are a much-needed accessory that holds many different items we use daily, and they come in several different sizes and shapes. We can own one favorite wallet or several depending on our needs. Above is a picture of a men’s three-fold goatskin wallet with a zippered coin pocket.

women's black and blue leather leopard print walletThere are differences between women’s and men’s wallets, along with similarities. They are designed for style according to each gender. The most important is to serve practical functions, even though similar items will be stored in them. Money like coins, bills and assorted plastic cards like credit, ID, points cards and also pictures are placed inside. There are also the original classic and still in very much demand coin purses that have been around as far back as 3,000 BC. For more information, I wrote and article Women’s Wallets and Coin Purses, which includes men having a smaller version of these also. They hold loose change in this smaller, convenient wallet.

Inside women's black and blue leather leopard walletDesigners create wallets with compartments keeping women and men in mind, including the type of fabric and look. Wallets are personal accessories not just for the function alone, but the style also. Unisex designs are made that can be chosen by both genders, along with the masculine and feminine versions. Below is a black leather quilted wallet with the double closure zipper.

Inside women's black leather quilted double zipper closureThe differences between women and men’s wallets are mainly the size for one. Women’s styles usually have more compartments than the male versions and are larger to fit more since they carry many items and will fit in their handbags. Men’s are smaller to fit their pockets. Women don’t keep their wallets in pockets very often, it depends on the occasion. Women’s wallets can be embellished for fashion statements with cut out flowers in layers, stones, sequins, rivets, and beads to name a few. They can be quilted or stitched with decor.

Men's canvas camouflage wallet with leather trimThey can be made up of different fabrics like leather with fabric trim and other colored accents. They can be formal or casual and match the purse or handbag, on the other hand, they don’t need to match at all. Men used to only have leather wallets but there are plenty of fabrics to choose from for example plastic, vinyl, denim, canvas, and linen. They can all be used for any occasion including formal or casual. The option to buy one with a chain having a clip one end is available for convenience and security for the loss of a wallet. You can also purchase these chains separately.

men's black leather wallet with a metal chain for the belt loop

Click on Women’s Purses and Handbags for more information about them, to read and shop for men’s click on Men’s Bags and Accessories. The option to shop for both are to the right on my sidebar where I have several merchants listed.

Unless otherwise stated, the items for this article I chose from various merchants for the specific style I needed to write this article.


  1. don


    I’ve always been a leather wallet type of guy but the biggest problems that I’ve always had with wallets was having all of the contents spill out when I drop the wallet. To fix that headache, I found a leather wallet that zips up all around which was a game changer for me. I also like carrying messenger bags so I looked at your link to “modern man bags” and I couldn’t believe how affordable the bags were. My favorite that I saw was the “Ducti Deployment Canvas Messenger Bag & Tablet Case – Black & Gray”. That bag is definitely on my “gotta have it list”. Thanks for the helpful post!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Don,

      The zippered wallet is available at eBags, I left the text link for it at the bottom of the page here. It’s the safest one to use I find although, I don’t see many guys using them. My Modern Man Bags merchant is awesome, they have hundreds of different styles of bags to choose from. 

      I’m glad my article was helpful for you, thanks for stopping by!

  2. Anna


    Hi Patsy,
    I actually prefer men style wallets over the women’s ones. Simply because I find that men’s ones are less bulky and if I need to put more stuff, I just add it to my purse (like I have a separate wallet with only cards in it). I know that a lot of women prefer to have a big wallet to accommodate all their cards and other valuables. What are your thoughts? what wallet do you prefer?

    1. Patsy


      Hi Anna,

      There are many men’s styles that are unisex, so women can use them also. I don’t like big wallets and use smaller ones, and it depends on how big the handbag is I’m using for the day.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

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