Crochet Style Handbags

Not all crochet style bags are made from the original crochet thread, but from other materials. There aren’t many of these original purses or handbags around unless they are found at a thrift store, you find someone who still makes them or you crochet your own with or without a pattern. Below is a black straw crochet crossbody handbag.Black Straw Crochet Crossbody BagThe most common materials found when shopping for a crochet bag are straw, natural paper, nylon and polypropylene which is a plastic used to make many things. This plastic film is drawn into filaments and woven into fabric. The bags look like a crochet thread material but aren’t. When ordering online you have to read the description to see what it’s made from, and when shopping in stores you can check the tag. I have one of each material mentioned shown in the pictures, except for the two bags at the end are both made of polypropylene.

Navy with Brown Strap Paper Crochet Crossbody bagGrey Nylon Crochet Crossbody bagWith original crochet bags, they are soft and stretchy to the point where unless they are lined, they can’t hold heavy items. They will stretch out and eventually warp and hang. Smaller bags are fine with or without a lining since you don’t need to carry as many items. The blue bag is made of paper and has a brown strap. The grey one is nylon.

Straw and paper styles don’t last as long being more delicate material. They are woven tightly and most have lining giving them strength to hold more weight. Both have added fabric and can have leather trimming, handles or straps that won’t wear out like they would if they were made of the straw or paper. Straw bags were made more for the beach but with all the styles and sizes, they can be used like a regular handbag daily.

Nylon and polypropylene are the strongest and are more durable, lasting the longest and are both waterproof. They are tear resistant and allow air to circulate within the bag. Colors won’t fade or bleed since they are built into the material and they also dry faster. Below is a crochet tote made of polypropylene and has a pink crochet flower. Brown with Pink Flower crochet polypropylene toteCrochet bags, no matter what material they are made from have been around for a long time and have been popular and in style. There are so many patterns to choose from, along with color and sizes to suit any taste. Made by hand or machinery by manufacturers, they are crafted with these different materials creating unique handbags with quality and care. They resemble the authentic crochet patterns, giving us many choices to choose from. Below is a blue striped polypropylene tote.

Large blue striped crochet polypropylene tote

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    Beautiful handbags! It’s funny, the crocheted handbags I remember are from when I was a child going to the beach. It seemed that’s about all they were used for then (until the 70s came around). These crocheted handbags are beautiful and definitely something fashionable to use on a daily basis. Do you know if they tend to snag on things easily?

    1. Patsy


      Hi Lynne,

      They are beautiful for sure, and these are only a few styles there are so many!

      Yes, they have been around for decades and mainly for the beach, but as you can see they are made for everyday use. The ones I have seen so far won’t snag on anything especially with the materials they are made of now. The original thread hand-made ones might depending on how they were made.

      Thanks for your interest and for stopping by!

  2. GiuliaB


    Patsy, thank you ever so much for your article. Personally I have always been partial to crochet bags, as I find, as you mention, they are never out of fashion. But, I have never been brave enough to own a crochet bag, for the same reason that you mention: I am afraid even with lined bags, the weight of my handbag content may tear the lining and stretch the bag to lengths reaching the floor. I must be braver!!! Can you advise any specific brand?
    Thanks again 🙂

    1. Patsy


      Hi Giulia, you are welcome.

      I had only owned a couple of them over the years and currently have a black one that I take to the beach. As long as you get one with a lining in it then you will be fine.

      There are no specific brands and it depends on were you live. I am in Canada so where you are the brands will be different. Just look for quality and strength like nylon or polypropylene as I mentioned in the article.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Vicki Magnusson


    Wow these bags are gorgeous. Are some of these vegan friendly do you know? I am always looking for bags that do not have any leather/animal materials so these are ideal. I have a friends birthday coming up so might get her one. thanks 🙂

    1. Patsy


      Hi Vicki,

      They are all vegan friendly, more companies are becoming aware and make them this way.

      I’m glad you stopped by and found my article, hope to see you again soon!

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