Cowhide Fur Handbags From Spain

Cowhide fur handbag from Spain

When we think of authentic fur handbags, mink, rabbit, fox or chinchilla come to mind. Mink is the most popular of all the fur types worldwide. It has always been known for its soft lightweight fur. Rabbit is soft and silky, also lightweight and affordable. Its another popular fur. Fox is fluffy and warm, its seen more as a high fashion trim. Beaver is naturally long, durable, warm and is often dyed white or dark brown. Raccoon is dense, warm and fluffy with beautiful color. Its great for trim like the fox is. Chinchilla is the thickest fur available and is dense, soft and lightweight. Its a rare, more expensive fur that needs a lot of care. The color is silver grey to slate blue.

Cowhide fur handbag with handles and a cowhide fur purse with chain strap

In this article I’m featuring cowhide fur handbags, because its a recent fashion trend. The purses and handbags are all from a shop in Torremolinos, Spain. A friend of mine Taetske and her husband Michael took them for me. They both reside in the South of Spain.

They are also referred to as a pony hair, but not the small horse pony. Cowhide that still has the hair attached is made into handbags. Its popularity is newer and taking care of this natural item is the question. Cowhide is tanned to add shine to it, dyed and then trimmed short. You care for this like you would with leather.

Large Cowhide fur tote and a cowhide fur purse with leather

Before using the bag, spray it with silicone leather or suede spray. This adds a protective layer and only needs a light even coat when sprayed. Using silicone spray helps to repel dirt, dust and moisture. Clean the outer surface with a dry cloth and wipe along the grain of hair. It’s natural for the fur to shed, but with proper care it won’t shed as much. The name pony hair as I mentioned, is referred to as cowhide, calf hair, or goat skin. Colors range from white, beige, brown and black.

Leather products are made from goat skin, leather or cowhide. Goat skin is more durable than cowhide and is softer because it has lanolin in the leather. It is water resistant where cowhide isn’t. Many big brands are also using goat skin for making bags, it’s soft and flexible and thinner. Goat skin fur bags are much lighter in color and not as attractive as cowhide which has a richer look.

Cowhide fur handbag with white and brown mix from spain

Handbags can be made with all cowhide fur, or just the front has the fur and the rest is leather. Cowhide trim can be along the top, on the flap over front closure, or added to the sides of the handbag. Real fur handbags can be used all year round, just like faux also known as imitation fur bags. They can be made into any style available, and go with outfits from casual to dressy. I have an article about Women’s Faux Fur Purses and Handbags which is very informative.

I would like to thank Taetske and Michael for taking the time to stop and take these great pictures for me. Taetske is featured in two other articles where she models, and Michael takes the pictures.

Click on Women’s Purses and Handbags for more information about them, to read and shop for men’s click on Men’s Bags and Accessories. The option to shop for both are to the right on my sidebar where I have several merchants listed.


  1. Arian


    I had no idea they had all kinds of fur for bags. What do you think of alligator skin? I was thinking of getting something among those lines as a gift for my mom this Christmas but am not sure whether she would prefer that or actual leather/fur. The cowhide looks very tempting.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Arian,

      There are so many varieties, for myself I prefer the faux/imitation fur over the authentic fur. Alligator skin when it’s faux skin is fine, there are great handbags out there. 

      You can always give hints to your mom to see what her preference is, or if you purchase one and she doesn’t like it there is always the option to exchange it. She may like faux fur over the real fur.

      I have another article for Women’s Faux Fur Purses and Handbags, you will see how much alike the fake fur is to the real fur. 

      There is still time to order, the option is at the end of this article. 

      I hope you find the right gift for your mom! thanks for stopping by.

  2. Abdusalam


    Hi Patsy,

    I must say I’ve not come across cowhide handbags with the hair still on them. I’m used to seeing straight forward leather bags, but these products look novel and I’m sure many ladies would love them. I’ll show my wife, who knows, she may start pestering me to but one, LOL.

    I notice you have what we call ‘manbags’ too. As a biker I’m always on the look out for a good, strong bag.

    Out of curiosity what is the price range for such bags?

    1. Patsy


      Hello Abdusalam,

      The cowhide fur handbags are popular, and even more this year. They are attractive just as the other prints like the leopard or zebra.

      The bags for men have been around for a long time and there are many styles available of great quality.

      This article I wrote specifically for the photos my friend in Spain took for me. They were taken from the showcase outside of the store, so the prices were not available to be seen. There aren’t any for sale on the two shopping banners I have, but you can find them in stores that will carry this style. I did a search for prices and they range from around $80 to well over $500 depending on the size. I have shown several sizes in this article from small, medium and larger totes.

      Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you come by again soon.

  3. Mark


    I have a cousin in Texas who would love these Cowhide Fur handbags from Spain. Definately passing this site to her. Great images to show her.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Mark,

      It’s nice that you want to show your cousin my website, knowing she would love to see the handbags. The ones my friend Taetske took for me are pretty nice and I’ll bet your cousin will enjoy this article also.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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