Care For Women’s And Men’s Bags

Model with Blue Leather PurseWhether you are a woman or man and are using a purse or bag, taking care of them is important, helping them to last   longer. If you leave any dirt or marks on them, over time this may wear down the area or leave a stain. While using your bag, doing a regular cleaning inside and out really helps with leaving less to do before storing or changing to another one.

Before You Store Your Bags

Once you are finished using your bag, empty the contents out and clean the inside first. Using a small gentle vacuum will help to get every little crumb out, or you can turn it upside down carefully shaking it. If the bag is made of soft fabric, just turn it inside out. Clean out any zippered compartments or inserts that are on the sides.

If your bag is made of authentic leather or imitation leather, wipe the outside of it with a damp paper towel or alcohol free wipes. There are also gentle conditioning treatments available. For a suede bag, dust if off with a dry paper towel or soft cloth. If they are expensive designer bags made from exotic material like snakeskin or alligator for example, you can have them professionally cleaned. Below is an men’s leather olive satchel bag and a women’s leather olive and dark grey purse. I found these in a shoe store separate, and I placed them together being a perfect match!

Mens olive satchel bag and womens olive and dark grey purse
Preparing Your Bags For Storage

Once your bag is clean whether its leather, fabric or any other type, stuff it with white or a neutral color tissue paper to keep its shape. For a larger bag, a small pillow or bubble wrap will help. Wrap any buckles or zipper pulls also so they won’t leave a dent in the leather or any similar material. Place your handbag in a breathable bag like cotton fabric. Its best if the color is white or anything similar to prevent any color transfer and make sure it is loose and not tight. If its too tight around the bag, it can warp it.

There are bag protectors or covers available at any store that will carry them. If they don’t, you can ask if they are available to order. Don’t have the bags too close to each other where hardware can press against them leaving marks. Patent leather is best stored on its own or it will leave its color on whatever is beside it. Don’t hang your bags, this will stretch the handles. The male model is holding a heavy linen gym style duffel bag.

Male model holding an off white gym style duffel bag
Placing Your Bags In Storage

If there was a box that you purchased with the bag and kept it, store the bag in there. You can always buy small boxes in stores but make sure they aren’t plastic its not a good idea. They don’t breath and can cause odors. Once your bags are set to store, you can line them up side by side but not tightly and don’t allow the handles to be pressed down. If this is the case, lay them down flat. You can attach a label or note to each bag identifying them so you won’t have to open each one up to find the one you need.

It’s always nice to use a bag that is already nice and clean, ready to use and will last a lot longer because it was cleaned, bagged or boxed, and stored properly. Below is a unisex grey leather bag.

Unisex grey faux leather bag

Using an all weather protection spray like Tana All Protector or a conditioner you would purchase for shoes, would benefit your bags preventing rust and stains and keeping them in shape, lasting longer.

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Unless otherwise stated, the bags for this article I chose from various merchants for the specific style I needed to write this article.


  1. Kyle Ann Percival


    Hi Patsy, I really enjoyed the information and learned a few things too!
    Really nicely done, I’ll be coming back for more!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Kyle Ann,

      I’m happy you enjoyed the information, and learned a few things.

      Thank you, and I’ll be looking forward to your return!

  2. Alyce


    Hi Patsy,
    Thanks so much for the great information on care for bags (both women’s and men’s!). It’s good to be aware of why bags should be stuffed with paper / filling / etc before putting them away to protect them. Great advise for those of us with a sizeable bag collection!

    Warm Regards,

    1. Patsy


      Hi Alyce, you are welcome.

      It’s important to store our bags properly to keep their shape. It’s best to stuff them so they won’t be wrinkled or creased when it’s time to get them back out of storage. It’s a good practice for both women and men.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  3. Jair


    I am a neat freak and a minimalist so, everything has to be in its place and nice and tidy. I would never have thought about vacuuming out my bags. I would have just turned it upside down and that be it. I got a little Shark vacuum cleaner for Christmas last year and it has the perfect attachment. You really did cover every aspect of purses and man bags, BEST SITE EVER!! I do have a question though, would hanging your bag from a hanger be okay? That way the straps would stay nice flat and crisp and the bag itself wouldn’t create any creases so I would figure. Could there be a downside to hanging my leather messenger bag from a hanger in the closet?

    1. Patsy


      Hi Jair,
      Thanks for your comment and compliment on my website.
      It’s fine to turn the bag upside down giving it a shake, the vacuum is great for corners or inside zippered compartments.
      I had mentioned in the article that it’s not wise to hang any bag by it’s strap in the closet, it will stretch it out. I used to do this for years not realizing this, there was a groove left where it hung from. It would seem like it would stay nice.
      Thanks for visiting, drop by again soon!

  4. Izuddin


    Hi Patsy, this is great insight.

    I also want to recommend to not place the handbags on the floor, in restaurants or other places. This is of course for women. If the floor is not clean, you never know what kind of gems are down there.

    To solve this problem, I would recommend placing them behind the seats or getting a handbag hook table. Its not too expensive and the hook table is quite small, so it could easily be kept in the handbags.

    Again Patsy, thank you for the great post.

    1. Patsy


      Hello Izuddin, thank you.

      Not placing handbags on the floor is a good idea for sure, especially because of any germs there. If there isn’t a choice I would wipe the bottom with a napkin before leaving, then give it a good cleaning when you get home. This does go both ways for women and men, since the guys now carry bags all the time.

      I do mention the handbag table hangers in my Accessorize your Handbags article. I use mine once in a while, they are great to have. They sell them at many places, they aren’t hard to find.

      You are welcome, thanks for stopping by.

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