Bags For Men A Huge Market

Brown satchel mens bag with front pocketsMen’s bags and accessories have become a huge market, and not long ago they would only use their pockets or a wallet. As time evolved and the use for more space was needed, like having to carry more items for example, hair grooming products, combs, cell phones, tablets, cameras etc, the need prompted a creation of bags in many different styles.

Sling bags, satchels, as seen in the first image, messenger bags, brief cases like the black one shown, and updated more modern duffel bags like the grey one shown in the last picture that can be vertical or horizontal to name a few. Hands free crossbody, like the messenger bag, along with the waist pouches started to become more popular and accepted. They are referred to as ‘Murses’. Gone are the days where a men would not be caught using any of these bags. There are some who have no interest, everyone has their own preferences. There are also the already popular and long time uses of brief cases, backpacks, and waist pouches.

Canvas camouflage chest sling bagMore Accessories to Choose From

Accessories not only include wallets but shaving bags, eyeglass cases, cameras, cell and tablet covers and more. These can be carried in a bag like the canvas camouflage chest or backpack style sling bag as seen in the image on the left.Brown leather brief case

Diaper bags for men eventually started to appear also. They are more masculine of course and come in handy for the hands on Dads in the family, or the single ones that raise children on their own. There are a variety of styles and sizes just as regular diapers bags, but geared more to male colors and fabrics like canvas.

Men’s bags are a great gift idea especially for the those who have everything. There are so many different choices, it’s getting to be like women’s purses and handbags where the possibilities of having the right one for you is endless. There are many places that carry them and it depends on where you buy them, the selections vary.

convertable duffel bag and backpack style bagUsing an all weather protection product like Tana All Protector or a special conditioner that is sold for footwear, is a benefit to keep your bags lasting longer. They are sold in most stores and following the directions properly is important.

Click on Women’s Purses and Handbags for information about them or to shop for gifts, to read and shop for men’s click on Men’s Bags and Accessories. The option to shop for both are to the right on my sidebar where I have several merchants listed.

Unless otherwise stated, the bags for this article I chose from various merchants for the specific style I needed to write this article.


  1. Dana


    Hi Patsy,
    These bags are terrific and I love all of them. My son is always looking for ways to carry all his stuff around and he would really like the backpacks especially the canvas camouflage chest or backpack style sling bag. Every time my husband and I go on day or weekend trips he is always lugging around a huge suitcase, the Duffel bags are really attractive and something that he could really use. Thank you for sharing these great bags, you gave me some terrific ideas for presents.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Dana,

      The guys sure have an awesome selection to choose from. The merchant I have for men’s bags have hundreds on their website. They are catching up with us! The camouflage backpack is a great bag, it’s stylish and has lot of compartments. Any guy would love to own one of those.

      You are welcome, I’m happy you found my website and some ideas for gifts!

  2. Ileana Villasmil


    Very good post, my boyfriend is the type of man who puts everything inside the pockets of his jeans, and if is not enough he uses his old backpack which is torn for all the use. I want him to use something more stylish cause he’s the “practical” type of guy, and you just gave me ideas for a christmas present cause i had no idea what to give him. Great post!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Ileana,

      Thank you for the compliment. I’m happy you found my article and it gave you the idea for his Christmas gift. I’m sure he will appreciate getting a new one. 

      Sometimes the guys can go forever with what they have no matter how bad the shape can be.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon.

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