Bag Protectors And Organizers

Pink plastic handbag storage unitBag protectors and organizers are for both women and men’s bags. The market for men has gone up over the years and they have just as many selections to choose from as women do. Taking care of your investments is important to keep them looking good and lasting longer. A protective product like Tana All Protector or whatever similar product is available in your area can help. Finding a place to keep them while not in use or storing them away for the season, there are solutions like the pink closet organizer to the right. Over a door hanger options are also available.

It’s not a good idea to store your bags by hanging them from the neck of a hanger or on a wall with nails because both will cause stretching and will distort the strap or handle if it’s made of fabric. Don’t pile them up on top of each other in boxes or on shelves and in drawers unless there are dividers to separate them. If the handle is a chain or short with a thick strap and doesn’t have much weight to the bag, then a stand is fine as shown in the picture.

Black metal handbag hanging rackYou can place them on a closet shelf with dividers which are important to keep the bags separated and upright, so they don’t touch each other. If there are two plastic or vinyl bags beside each other and close together they may end up sticking to each other from moisture or dampness during the season. A dark colored bag may transfer dye to another bag when too close if it’s hot and humid. Always keep plenty of room between them.

Your storage area whether on closet shelves or place in a hanging organizer should give your bags room to breathe. It doesn’t matter what fabric they are made of it’s best not to keep them closed in without air like placing them in those plastic shoe boxes or containers. Cardboard shoe boxes aren’t any better unless you have holes in them giving some air and avoid placing or covering your bags in anything like plastic shopping or garbage bags.

Tissue paper that is not colored is perfect, leaving the bags loose in between and are great for keeping dust off if on shelves as well. Lightly stuffing your bags with tissue paper inside helps to keep their shape, pushing it to each corner filling it in properly. Using newspaper is not a good idea because the black print may transfer inside your bag or outside if you use it there to cover the bag.

Model with a purse protection weather cover

Another way to protect your bag is with a light plastic rain cover as seen in the picture. It’s small and light enough to fold up and leave in your bag, having it ready to use or leave in your vehicle. It’s also great for briefcases if the guys want to use one for protection along with a messenger bag, satchel or anyone you use. They can be found in stores who carry them or will order for you and also shopping online for one. Along with having bag protectors and organizers for yourself, they would make great gift ideas for any woman or man especially if they are hard to buy for.

Click on Women’s Purses and Handbags for information about them, to read and shop for men’s click on Men’s Bags and Accessories. The option to shop for both are to the right on my sidebar where I have several merchants listed.

The items or similar ones can be found where they are available. I chose what I have for the purpose to write this article.


  1. Amy


    So glad I came across your post in my search on how to take care of my pocketbooks and bags! Currently they are piled on top of each other in a wooden trunk and I have to dig through them all — what a mess. I am thinking about getting cloth covers like those used for dress shoes, to protect the bags, or maybe some kind of archival tissue paper that won’t transfer any dyes onto the bags. I see from your post that it is key to keep the bags separated, and not all squished together — I am glad you don’t see the mess I have made with my bags — and also glad I found this post so that now I can do something about it!

    1. Patsy


      Hello Amy,

      It’s good your found my article. Having them piled up in a wooden trunk doesn’t have any air circulating. I hope none of the pocketbook covers were damaged if they stuck to each other.

      You have a great idea to use cloth covers for your bags, and yes the bags need to be separated. Now you know how to take care of them properly!

  2. Colleen


    Oh my! I had no idea that there was a purse rain protector! That is so clever. I only have 4 really good purses and my husband bought them all for me. I have no clue how to pick out a purse, but I have learned so much on your site! In fact, now I need to go unstack all of my purses in the closet! Thanks for the interesting info!

    1. Patsy


      Hi Colleen,

      I didn’t know the bag rain protectors were available until I researched my article. The guys can use them as well for their briefcases or other bags.

      It’s not often you hear of a husband or other guy buy for their wife or girlfriend, how nice!

      I’m glad my article helped you learn, and that you are unstacking your purses which will benefit them all.

      Thanks for stopping by my website and sharing!

  3. Matthew Owen


    I was searching online for a new leather bag for my wife’s birthday when I found this website. I’m not much of a bag person myself but I just showed my wife this page and she loves it!

    I can’t move because of her bags in my house, so somewhere to keep them organized would be nice. I like the Tana All Protector that you have it would be perfect for her, although she might need about 4 of them to keep all her bags tidy.

    What’s the deal with women and bags anyway? Surely 1 bag should do I mean, get a bag, put your things in there and you’re done. Just because a certain bag doesn’t go with a certain pair of shoes doesn’t mean you need a new one.

    Oh seriously! Don’t get me started on the shoes!
    I have forwarded the link to your website to my wife so she can browse as much as she wants and I might get a bit of peace and quiet.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Matthew,

      I’m glad you found my article, some guys don’t use bags, although there is a big market out there for them.

      There are a few women who have lots of bags, small or large collections and it’s nice to organize them if there is room. Also taking care of them with a spray like Tana All Protector is a good idea to keep them looking good and lasting longer.

      One bag won’t cover the need if you want a different size or style, depending on the occasion. You can’t bring a large tote to a wedding for example, and matching shoes is still in style.

      Many guys feel the way you do not understanding, we all have our own individual likes and needs.

      Thanks for sharing my website with her, I have many helpful articles.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Glenys


    Hi Patsy,
    This is a very helpful article. I really like buying leather handbags because I think they are better quality and last longer than synthetic handbags.
    I totally forgot that leather is a natural product and is prone to stretching. Thank you for you tip about no to hang them by the handles in case they stretch!
    Also my favourite handbag at the moment is a white leather one. I forgot that it is a dyed product and that the leather dye may transfer during period of high humidity. Another great tip!!
    Thanks for sharing this great information with me. I learnt a lot today.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Glenys, you are welcome!

      It’s easy to forget not to hang your handbag by the handles or strap.

      I have 3 white purses, and they were blue on one side from rubbing against my jeans. I used a dry/wet erase pad to remove the dye quickly and wiped the product off just as fast so it doesn’t ruin the leather. I took the chance and it worked well.

      The dry erase pad can be wet if needed and is made by Mr. Clean, so I’m not sure if they are available everywhere. There are other similar versions that work just as well. I noticed the dye on my bags happens when it’s humid out and that’s where I got my tip from in my article.

      I’m happy you found my article useful and have learned a lot. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

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