Animal Print Purses And Handbags

Model with a black leather leopard print, pink trim handbag

Featured in this article is the leopard print. A little animal print goes a long way as a pop of color, and having a handbag along with wearing an animal print top, pants or skirt is too much and can look tacky. While a printed purse alone is just right. A zebra print with leopard, or a cheetah print with giraffe don’t blend properly, it’s best to stay with the same family so they don’t clash. All the purses and handbags in this article are faux, or imitation.

Pink faux leather bag with animal print trim

large patent leather leopard toteThere is no specific age group for owning animal print purses and handbags. You will find these prints in all styles available, and with color also. It’s a fashion trend to count on that won’t go away. They have been popular for decades, and less is more without over doing it. The whole bag doesn’t have to be covered with the animal print, you can have a trim around the top, middle section or along the bottom. The front can be covered, and the back plain like this large patent leather leopard tote on the left.leather zebra with white print tote

Our handbags not only help us to carry our necessities, but can make a fashion statement with style. Along with the popular leopard print is this leather zebra tote. This look is stylish and practical to carry your tablet, smaller laptop or a pair of shoes. It blends in with any outfit whether dressed up or casual. It has a detachable strap that you can use for a crossbody, leaving your hands free. Both the large patent leopard, and the leather zebra totes, are the same size as shown on the mannequin.manequin with large leather leopard tote

The animal prints are not seasonal, but used all year round. They are exotic and throughout history, kings and others in higher rank used animal prints also. They became popular for women in the late 1960’s. A variety of prints include the zebra, tiger, leopard, giraffe, lion, cheetah and cow pattern. They can be authentic or faux/imitation. They vary in shades with beige, white, black, brown, grey and colorful dyed versions.
faux leather fringed leopard handbag

The fabric is made to resemble the pattern of these animals, and have been around for so long it’s considered as neutral and will match anything. They are a fashion staple. These patterns are not for everyone, as they are seen as old fashioned to some and not current. The fact that they are still around shows how popular and in demand they are.

faux leather leopard print purse with chain handleTrending on the runway fashion scene says a lot. They attract attention while others still think of them as gawdy, too much or too loud. They exhibit independence, sophistication, sensuality, along with confidence and overpowerment. High profile women and men continue to where the most popular leopard pattern, which has established the cultural and historical significance of the most negative viewed print. Trendy, unique, stylish. A great addition to your handbag collection.

beige faux leather leopard tote

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  1. Mike


    Hello Patsy,
    I have been looking for a zebra print tote for my wife. Her birthday is coming up in 2 weeks. It looks like the exact size she carries her laptop in now.
    Her tastes change quite often. Last year she only wanted black leather, two years before that it was red leather. She is into the animal prints, with zebra being her favorite. I might as well buy 2 while I am at it so one of my Christmas gifts will be out of the way. What other animal print is popular? I am thinking about getting her a
    leopard print too.


    1. Patsy


      Hi Mike,

      The top two animal prints are leopard and then the zebra followed by the cow print. It’s nice for your wife to have a variety to choose from depending on her needs. 

      It is a good idea to buy a couple seeing that the styles change all the time. The print may not change but the styles can. When you see something you really like and wait to buy it, sometimes it may be gone when you return. It’s better to be safe.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Alice


    I love handbags and purses and I used to wear them like fashion but I always go with simple designs, that way I can use them no matter what outfit I’m wearing. But of course the trend always changes and I am all for following the latest one.

    So I think going with animal print purses and handbags won’t hurt. Instead, it will give me a brand new look all year long. But I would still choose animal printed bags and purses that are less sophisticated in design.

    Just curious though, are these bags made up of real animal skins? I am an animal lover so having any of these bags knowing that several animals had to be killed to manufacture them won’t sit well with me.

    1. Patsy


      Hi Alice,
      It’s great to hear that you would try out new styles, as long as they are to your preference.
      None of the purses or handbags in this article are real animals, they are all imitation patterns. I agree with not using anything that has to do with harming or killing innocent animals.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  3. The Joker, Reporter of The Daily WA


    These are very nice handbags.
    As these are all prints, are handbags made of real animal leather still in? Like crocodile and other?
    Will there be a man’s collection too?
    The Joker, Reporter of The Daily Wealthy Affiliate

    1. Patsy


      Thank you, they are popular and have been around for a long time.
      Real animal leather is still very much in, although faux or imitation leather is becoming more popular seeing that it’s much cheaper.
      Exotic skins include crocodile, alligator, shark, stingray, elephant, snakeskin, lizard and more.

      There is a huge variety of men’s collections, and the best place to check these out would be on my main page called ‘Men’s Bags and Accessories’. There you will find at the bottom of the article the shopping banner from my merchant Modern Man Bags who have a huge selection to look at. Hopefully you will find what you are searching for there. You can click here and it will take you there.

      Thank you for stopping by!

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